Monday, March 14, 2011

[INFO] "Festival" to hold Press Conference in Japan this month?

UPDATED* Press Conference is confirmed to be POSTPONED due to the unfortunate events in Japan recently. The new date is yet to be determined. Please pray for the Japanese.
"Festival" 기자 회견이 연기됩니다.  일정 아직 결정되지 않습니다.우선 여러분 안전 무사 기원합시다...

As we reported earlier, Shin Hye's upcoming drama project "Festival" co-starring CNBlue Jung Yonghwa will be filmed at Lake Hamana, Japan in May 2011.

But it looks like she will be visiting Japan sooner than that!

"Festival" Production Press Conference and Briefing

Date: March 22, 2011 
Time: 3:00pm (Reception starts at 2:00pm)
Guests in attendance: PD Pyo Min-soo, Actor Jung Yonghwa, Actress Park Shin Hye
Venue: Chae-hwa Banquet Hall, Hamana Lakeside Plaza Hotel

※ The cast and production staff will arrive in Japan via Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
In addition, a press conference will be held inside the airport that morning. 

The cast and crew will film in the Lake Hamana region for 20-25 days starting mid-May. The drama is a co-production between South Korea and Japan. We believe that through the drama, more people wlll get to know the beautiful and energetic Hamana district. 

*The date has yet to be confirmed due to the unfortunate natural disasters that hit Japan 3 days ago.


「地域と共に作り上げていくドラマ」のテーマのもと、脚本から皆様と一緒に夢を形にしていきます。クランクインは5 月中旬の予定で、浜名湖などで20 ~ 25 日間ほど撮影されます。

日時 …2011年3月22日(火) 受付14:00  開始15:00

会場 …浜名湖レークサイドプラザ内「バンケットホール彩華」
出席 監督 ピョ・ミンス 俳優 ジョン・ヨンファ 女優 パク・シンへ


Source: Hotel Lakeside Plaza, Japan

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