Friday, March 18, 2011

[MAGAZINE] CECI April 2011

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*Updated information on Donation project. 
International fans without Paypal account or are residing in Indonesia/Philippines can now donate to Shin Hye's joint project with 'KFHI' through bank transfer.


  1. thank you so much Karen!

    how can shin hye wear quirky clothes and still come out soooo beautiful??? how? how? how? LOL.

    i think i have the answer, other than genes, it's her heart coming through for all to see.

  2. love her hairstyle here so Funky!

  3. I agree with Vira..Only SH can pull off this type of style and look so beautiful!!!! :)

  4. Omgggg she is soooo PRETTY!!! Lots of less than three!!!

  5. waw ,stay pretty and dressed up any more beautiful,,,
    park shin hye. . . . I very very love you

  6. Wow...she looks like a barbie cute and adorable...shinhye has that magical X factor that's why she could pull off with any her...RENCE

  7. shin hye is so cute in there she looks like a doll

    can i asked if shin hye is going to philippines???