Thursday, March 31, 2011

MBC invites fans to decide on new name for "Festival"

MBC's "Festival" (working title) is inviting YOU to pick a new name for the drama!

From now on to April 10, fans can log into iMBC's website (see below) and submit names for the drama. The best submissions will win prizes, and up for grabs are Park Shin Hye’s sunglasses, Jung Yonghwa’s backpack, and signed copies of CNBLUE’s new album, “First Step“.

The producing company of "Festival", JS Pictures stated "In order to reflect the unique creativity of netizens, we have started the campaign. This drama is different from the other dramas of the same genre (youth love drama) We are looking forward to a unimaginably unique, lively and sweet drama title"

About the drama's plot, JS Pictures also said "Although this is a drama about university students chasing their dreams at an arts university, the passion that they portray is going to touch the hearts of people of all ages. No matter you are a boy, girl, youth or member of the aged, you will feel the connection."

You’ll have to be a registered member of iMBC in order to join the project. (Registration tutorial provided below)

For more information:

Registration tutorial:

1. Go to

2. After clicking  the link, just check the 2 boxes and continue by clicking on the purple button. In the  next window, fill in all fields. Type your desired ID, then a pop-up will appear to verify that valid ID of yours. If the below pic comes out, it means the ID is already taken. 
3. Try  another username that is valid and do not use special characters as they are not allowed. Then  just click that purple button to proceed and you will be directed to the member registration page.

4. After filling in everything, just click the purple button at the bottom then it should process well if there’s no error. The following window will appear upon succesful registration.

5. Click the purple button to proceed. Next time if you're required to log in, just fill in these fields:

Tutorial credit: Hyunnie Pexter's Blog

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please ask in Comments. ^^