Thursday, March 31, 2011

Park Shin Hye on MBC's FM4U Radio Show

Late Wednesday night, Park Shin Hye was a guest star on MBC's FM4U radio show called "Blue Night - <여배우들 Actresses>" which was DJ-ed by the lead singer of Brown Eyed Soul, Jeong Yeop Ahn. The show lasted 2 hours starting 12am until 2am (Korean Standard Time).

During her on-air time, fans tuning in online can send her messages. The message board (or chatbox) was overloaded with heartwarming messages telling Shin Hye to "fighting!" and that she was doing very well. Interestingly enough, half of the messages were requests for Shin Hye to sing "Lovely Day" live on radio.

She revealed, “During my break, I went overseas and found that I had a Russian fanclub with over 2,000 members. I’d love to receive an opportunity to do a Russian CF sometime.”
The actress was then asked to rank her former co-stars (Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Yoo Seung Ho) based on her feelings of who couldn’t get past the ‘friend zone’. First place was taken by Lee Min Ho, while Yoo Seung Ho placed fifth.
Park Shin Hye explained, “Despite Yoo Seung Ho choosing me as his ideal woman some time ago, he hit me really hard in a ”ttakbam’ game. It actually made him seem more like a close friend to me.”

She also addressed a recent picture, where she looked depressed over the deadlines for her class registrations. She clarified, “I was able to register for all of my classes by the deadline, but I eventually had to take academic leave for my drama schedule. I feel really apologetic for that.”

Sometime into the airtime, Shin Hye sang live. The song she sang was her duet with Lee Min Jung in Cyrano Agency (2010) called "It was you". She later commented, “I’d love to guest in a song with Brown Eyed Soul.”.

For the last song selection, Shin Hye picked FTisland's "Love Sick" in support of her friend Lee Hongki.

After the show ended, Shin Hye thanked her fans through her twitter. She expressed that she was very nervous and that her heart was beating rapidly, but she managed to finish her task because of her fans' support. She said that she will strive "to be a better Shin Hye". She also thanked her Korean fans for the delicious fruit plates. 

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Credit: iMBC, allkpop, PSH tieba(for audio)