Saturday, March 26, 2011

[PHOTO] Shin Hye learning & practicing the gayageum for Festival

Guess what's Shin Hye doing on a perfectly sunny Saturday?

She's practicing the gayageum (가야금)!

On March 26th, her entertainment agency revealed a photo of our favourite actress practicing the gayageum. The photo is captioned "Even on the weekend, Park Shin Hye does not rest and keep on practicing the gayageum alone."

Aww. it was reported earlier that Shin Hye has been taking daily Gayageum lessons with a traditional music professor at JoongAng university to prepare for her upcoming drama "Festival". CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa, Kang Minhyuk and actress Kim Hee Jung are also part of the main cast.

Please give our hardworking princess lots of support and love! Fighting, Shin Hye!!

Credit: 4HIM Entertainment


  1. I do not seem to play park shin hye, but beautiful anyway.
    จาก เมืองไทย ^/\^

  2. Definitely supporting her to the max!

  3. we will see another side of her, that is playing a korean classical instrument..i am excited on this drama especially with YH as the leading man...Floren

  4. ...oh oh love shinhye so much...

  5. yes our princess will feel the full support of her fans around the world.....aza aza fighing.....go shin hye

  6. ... i will forever be a supporter of Park shin hye....i even pray that Shin hye and Sukkie will grow old together happilly...with a very successful married life.....i love you both guys, i really do.

  7. 당신을 기도 한다
    더 많은 전력
    당신을 사랑해요
    귀하의 모든 영화를 보고
    그리고 난 영원히 당신을 사랑 합니다.