Friday, March 4, 2011

[VIDEO] 110302 Taiwan "Entertainment 100%" on Hayate

Caught in the Act!

In the latest episode of  "Entertainment 100%", costars Park Shin Hye and George Hu were reported to be learning Ballroom Dancing for their upcoming drama, "Hayate the Combat Butler"(alternate title: "Sensation World")

The duo were spotted wearing dancing shoes and taking classes with a Taiwanese ballroom dancing coach. When asked to lift and twirl Korean actress Park Shin Hye as part of the dance routine, George Hu seemed to be lacking of strength and he could lift her up high.

In response to that, George Hu said "No! It's because we are worried that she might bump her head against the ceiling!" And Shin Hye rebuked "You are very weird!", causing everyone to laugh.

"Hayate" will start broadcasting in Taiwan in Spring 2011. It will also be broadcast in other Asian countries. Please give it lots of support!

Instructions on viewing with English Subtitles:


  1. tnx alot; you guys all are amazing..thanks again >.<

  2. Thank you PSHIFC for sharing and translating this for us=)

  3. thanks a lot for sharing and translating.

    seeing shinhye and george in a vid dancing makes me so excited to watch seems that they have good rapport (maybe if not for the language barrier, they would have been closer)..RENCE

  4. aww, i can feel the chemistry already ^--^
    but let me just comment on taiwan ent media,geez taking a dig with shinhye's weight..i remember taiwan actress ariel lin who's weight before was just enough for her height but reporters kept talking about just how fat or heavy she was.kudos to george for his witty answer