Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[VIDEO] 110327 E! News Asia interview with Park Shin Hye in Singapore


Please note that there are some errors in the English subtitles provided by E! News.
Shin Hye does NOT say she has been "on and off a relationship". Instead, she just states she feels she is missing out on dating because many of her friends are dating(in relationships) and she is wondering when will that day come to her.

If you haven't watched her interview with RazorTV Singapore yet, we'd recommend you to visit this link:


  1. Great work guys! :) Thanks for the update..

  2. Thank God they screwed up with the subtitles. If she did went through relationships on and off, it makes her sound like a play girl. THANK GOD she isn't! Will always support you :)

  3. im relieved that it was a wrong translation..for shinhye to say that she is in an on and off relationship confused me...almost everybody is thinking that sukkie is that boyfriend of hers which contradicted an earlier interview of her where she said that it is impossible for her to date jks and yh in real life...this enews interview i think got the ire of the antis again, so its unfair for shinhye because it was a wrong translation...anyway, i hope shinhye will always be strong...RENCE

  4. @RENCE and JustinW01239 hi!!! i just want to further clarify what Karen wrote. the error was on the last two sentences, Shin Hye didn't say, "Many people think I don't have a boyfriend. I was in a relationship on and off."

    just want to be clear on that one. well nobody's perfect, though if you're in the media one should be more careful of mistakes but it is also possible that they've switched clips and there's another clip out there with those words, though from what i see of SH the translation error is more possible than the clip switching possibility. some things do get lost in translation so let's hope it's just that.

  5. @vira..thanks for the clarification..

    for me, error in translation like that one with shinhye is very material..shinhye is an icon, a role model, so that erroneous translation is very important..well, at least it was corrected and yes, nobody's perfect...

    i am also wondering why this video is being shown now in the time that we should be promoting hayate and festival..Festival is something to look forward to because it pairs shinhye with an anjell member, yonghwa..


  6. @RENCE i agree with you- things like those are very material, very important. to tell you the truth I blew my top when I first learned how way off the translation was to the video clip that was being shown, but i tried to look at it from a different perspective (it wasn't easy when your nose is still smoking, and the siren's still echoing in your ears) and i thought of the 'what ifs' and made room for it. though i believe it to be highly unlikely, we cannot discount the possibly that Shin Hye may have those words. the whole interview must be seen or read to understand how the conversation came to that point, if indeed such a statement was made.

    i don't speak Hangul so i asked Liz if the translation was accurate just to be sure(was also thinking 'what if she said something juicier' and it got lost in the translation, i was in full fan mode gear at that time), and she said no. she even asked her cousin to verify it and they concurred- the video clip and the translation didn't match.

    so sad that nobody seems to mind. poor Shin Hye!

  7. ooppss...just what i was thinking when i read/watch the english sub-titled interview... shin hye is too smart and nice to be saying/doing that kind of thing... (although, as a fan and a human being, i really won't mind if she's in a relationship on and off as long as she's not hurting anyone or herself) well, at least my initial reaction shows how i am well acquainted with her character (fan girl mode)... her management should really watch out for these kind of things to protect her somehow... - rosie