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[VIDEO + RECAP] Park Shin Hye on KBS 2TV "Win Win"

On March 1st, Shin Hye made a surprise guest appearance on KBS 2 Win Win Show.

Actor Joo Sang Woo who worked with Shin Hye on Kimcheed Radish Cubes(2008) was the show’s man of the hour. He was thrilled and relieved that Shin Hye was the surprise guest because upon seeing the enormous shadow on the glass door, he thought it was the director.

Shin Hye and Sang Wook reminisced about their time together on KRC. The MCs wanted to know since it was a love story was there any skinship. Shin Hye replied yes. At that time she was only 18 and a senior in high school when she took on the part of Sa Ya. Sang Woo was 29. This age gap was a recurring topic throughout the talk show especially when describing the kiss scene.

Shin Hye recalled expressing her concerns to her mom and to the director. She suggested to the director kissing on the cheeks rather than the lips since she was only a high school girl. He insisted it had to be lips because they were a couple and not to worry too much. He coached both Sang Wook and Shin Hye how to approach the kiss scene. From Shin Hye’s point of view it was just a “popo” but according to Sang Wook it was a kiss. The MCs agreed with him and teased Shin Hye about the different perspectives.

Shin Hye and Sang Woo mentioned many other memorable moments. Here are some highlights: 

1) He asked her to call him oppa, not samchon(uncle)despite the age gap.
2) He felt funny seeing her sitting next to him after watching her on Cyrano Agency 2 days before.
3) To put her at ease on KRC, he tried to joke around with her, but failed. She was young, rather serious and didn’t understand them.
3) One day on the set she poked him and told him he had a flabby tummy. He disagreed and insisted he is someone who works out. Later that day she found him doing sit ups. He told her it just happened to be his regular daily exercise time slot.
4) The kiss scene was shot on a very cold night at Yoido Park. The scene required him to put his hands to her face. Prior to shooting the scene, Shin Hye saw him rubbing his hands together to warm them up.
5) According to Sang Woo, this was an ambitious drama for Shin Hye not only because of the age factor, but the character she played was much older than her. It was very challenging for her, but she always smiled and worked hard.
6) Shin Hye hopes he will meet someone soon and settle down. A girl who is extroverted would suit him well. MCs suggest how about her. She quickly said no and laughed.
7) Although they do not see each other often, they hear about each other through other fellow actors. Shin Hye refers to him as daddy long legs because she knows that he has inquired about her and kept a watchful eye on her.
8) MCs complement them both for having a good relationship and thank Shin Hye for guesting.

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  1. @karren, thanks again for the english translation.

    i love watching shinhye and ahjussi interacting in the tv show..its been a while since the kimcheed drama and seeing them together again, it amazes me that shinhye is able to maintain good rapport/friendship with her fellow actors even from past projects..i love her more for that...i wish that in the future, she could work with JSW again, they havea big age gap but still, they look good together and are comfortable with each other..miss jang sa ya and ahjussi...RENCE

  2. Thanks QBeeLL and Karen for translating and posting this news

    Wow...I think my understanding in Korean has improve hehehehe....almost 90% things that I guess was almost correct :) :)

    It really nice to see JSW and Shin Hye interaction...
    And Shin Hye wish him to meet someone and settle down soon...why oh why you bring that issue dear Shin Hye...when your not even consider yourself as the candidate hehehehehe :) :)

    I just hope in the future there is opportunity for both of them to work in drama/movie together...

    .....and Shin Hye surprise appearance will rekindle their relationship by direct contact hehehehe (SMS or phone call maybe)

    May I know what the host asked that leading JSW to name Shin Hye .... the part before Shin Hye make surprise appearance...Thanks

  3. awww...This made me miss Jang Saya and Ajusshi. I really like their chemistry despite the age gap. I hope they can work together again.

    And like the first comment said, it amazes me also that Shin Hye seems to maintain great friendship with her costars even if they're all busy. This guesting reminded me when both Yong Hwa and UEE called Shin Hye during their show/guesting too.

    Thank you QBeeLL and Karren for this post and translation.

  4. oh wow.....agree with anon and kristine......she has great friendships with her costars.....daddy long legs.....heheheheheheheh....

    thank QBeeLL and Karren for the uploads and translation.....

    i do wish she does collabarate with him and all lee wan they were good in tree of heaven...god bless

    psh fighting

  5. hi all - what do you mean by its "POPO"

  6. may i copy in my blog???

  7. @LATISH78

    my understanding of what shinhye said "POPO" is that it was just a slight smack on the lips and that she didn't consider is as a real kiss which is of course the opposite of what JSW said, for him it was a real kiss..hehehe..hope this would help..RENCE

  8. hope to see both of them work together again,

    love this couple..


  9. hi admin, the video is no longer available on youtube, can I know where other source could i get to watch this show? I am desperately finding for the video! Please do help!! Thanks.

  10. I watched Kimcheed radish Cubes again and again and still never have enough of Park Shin Hye and Joo Sang Wook. I wish there were a real couple. Hope they act together again in the near future.

  11. Kimcheed radish cubes is the drama I watch time and again. Hopefully Joo Sang Wook and Park Shin Hye work together again in the near future.