Friday, April 22, 2011

Japan Tohoku Earthquake Donation acknowledgments (aka we raised 2,000,000₩ for Japan!)

It is in man's nature to seek to understand the what, when, where, how, why of things. We don’t just accept things as they are. We want to make sense of the ‘why’ of things.

Being Shin Hye’s loyal fans, when we see a picture of her bruised fingers we automatically associate such as her dedication to her craft, acting- wanting to portray her role of gayageum student well she’s learning to play the instrument and is practicing even on a Saturday, so we understand. Pain such as those, have a reason even a need. But, when something horrendous, like the earthquake, tsunami and dangerous nuclear situation in Japan, happens how does one make sense of things? If your whole family has been wiped out, maybe even one’s survival becomes a puzzle?

It’s not enough to say “earth plates moved, blah blah, blah…”
Nothing can explain losses like these. Nothing can also explain why and how we started this donation project for Japan, why Anjellhaven who has programs of their own helped spread the word and soon other fans club of Shin Hye’s were helping, why Shin Hye’s manager suggested we combine resources with Shin Hye and donate through "Korea’s Food for the Hungry, International (KFHI)", why when we were thinking we could not even equal our Project Haiti donation of US$1100 (Shin Hye mentioned it in a recent interview with Elle) we were able to raise US$1839.14 for Japan, why fans from 15 countries donated and why Park Shin Hye International Fanclub is still here after all the trials and troubles it’s been through.

Our hearts are full of sorrow seeing what has happened to our brothers and sisters in Japan and nothing we say or give can ease that pain, but seeing all the kind-hearted people who looked beyond their needs and comfort to help others in need has been a great source of hope that yeah in life ‘shit happens’ but I am not alone. I have a brother, a sister who stands by me, because no matter what color or race or sex or religious beliefs we may have, we are all one family.

"Thank you to all who have helped- in prayers, spreading the news of the project, offered sacrifices- money, time, and effort!
May everything you’ve offered come back to you a thousand fold!"

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Bank receipt/Proof of donation from US bank account to KFHI, Korea: