Monday, April 18, 2011

[PROJECT] ""넌 내게 반했어" HEARTSTRINGS" Fan Project

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We haven’t done the last one yet!

Calling all STAR ANGELS and BOICE!!! PSHIFC is bringing you another project. And you guess right. This one is for Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's new drama, "Heartstrings". In the months to come, some of our admins will be going to the set again like we did for Shin Hye's drama “Sensation World” (Hayate the Combat Butler) when they came to Huis Ten Bosch last December.

Now this project is slightly different from the previous ones. This time Star Angels and Boice will be sending us a PRAYER FLAG or a PRAYER HEART. Yep, a prayer flag/heart with your message to Shin Hye and/or Yonghwa, giving them courage and support as they films their drama.

The direction is simple.
1. Find a piece of COLORFUL (no black or white plain) cloth/textile the size of 5in x 4in (or 12 cm x 10cm)
2. Leave about half an inch (1.5cm) at the top for the clip
3. Write/draw/stitch your message on the rest of the cloth
4. Colour or pattern of cloth: ANY
5. If you wish to address both Shin Hye & Yonghwa, please make SEPARATE prayer flags for Shin Hye and Yonghwa. It's ok if you'd like to make just one for Shin Hye, vice versa.

Be sure that your message is clear and dark so that she can read it. If you have a patterned cloth, write your message on a separate piece of paper and glue it on the cloth or write it really dark so it can be read. You may also stitch your message onto the cloth and decorate it beautifully however you wish.

Send your prayer flag to:
Mee Xiong
262-0032 JAPAN
Chiba-ken, Chiba-shi
Hanamigawa-ku, Makuhari-cho
5-445-1 #203
DEADLINE: 2011 July 1st

Here are some creative ideas:

Now that you know what PROJECT #1 is, please also support our Project #2 for the drama!

Any question/inquiry, please email us at

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