Saturday, April 9, 2011

You're Beautiful, soon-to-be theatrical blockbuster in Japan

It has been nearly 600 days since the first broadcast of Hallyu drama "You're Beautiful" (2009), but its popularity is far from dying down.

The drama, which has claimed honorable titles  such as "The Most Popular Korean Drama Of All Time" and "The Top-selling Hallyu Drama" in the Japanese market, is going onto Japan's big screen this spring!

◆上映期間: 2011年5月6日(金)~5月19日(木)

◆上映劇場: ワーナー・マイカル・シネマズ ※一部震災により、休業中の劇場がございます。

◆鑑賞料金: 「美男<イケメン>ですね」・・・・・・・・劇場通常料金


◆チケット販売: 5月6日鑑賞分・・・・・・・・・ 4月27日 21:00~

5月7日~13日鑑賞分・・・・5月4日 21:00~
5月14日~19日鑑賞分・・・5月11日 21:00~

◆ Screening period: May 6 - May 19 2011
◆ Cinemas: All Warner Mycal Cinemas
(except those that are affected by the earthquake)
◆ Price:  ¥1800 (adults),  ¥1500 (students)
◆ Showtimes: 21:00 on all screening days 

As for the content, no information is available for the time being, but how exciting it is! It is a must-watch for all Japanese fans!

How I wish they could have all 4 ANJells on the poster though!

What do you think?


  1. i would love to see the ANJELLs attend the movie premier, even if it's just SH and GS i won't mind at all...
    i sure would love to watch YB again in the big screen too!!!
    i'm glad to know that Japan's slowly getting back to normal...

  2. OMG..amazing was a craze and still is and i love Japan for being so supportive of this phenomenal drama....congratulations to anjell..they are all talented and hardworking artists..shinhye looks good with any of the anjell guys..i also love their friendship..RENCE

  3. wow..daebak...YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL really no 1 in the world..tyhe best top korean drama..

  4. this is drama or not?is there any plan to make youre beautiful season from malaysia...really miss them...

  5. OF COURSE!!!Why only leader got into the poster? (although he looks absolutely stunning andedgy on that poster).What a honor to be The Most Popular Korean Drama Of All Time!!!