Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to vote for Shin Hye for Paeksang Arts Awards with iPhone/Android/Blackberry (international)

International fans can now vote for Shin Hye!

Our princess Shin Hye is nominated for "Popular Actress in Film" at the 2011 PaekSang Arts Awards. Now, they have created a mobile platform for international fans to vote! 

All you need is a smartphone (iPhone/Android/Blackberry..etc) and a credit card! Voting ends on May 23 2011.
Note: The phone used in this tutorial is an iPhone. 

Step #1) Open the internet browser on your phone and go to one of the URLs below (it doesn't matter if your country is not listed. For ENGLISH, visit the USA one): 


Open the url sing a QR code scanner (search your app store) and scan one of the codes here:
For iPhone users, we recommend you use QR Reader.

Step #2) You will be directed to the awards voting homepage. Click "POLL"

Step #3) Click "MOVIE FEMALE"

Step #4) Scroll down, and you'll see "SHIN-HYE, PARK". CLick "POLL" next to her name.

Step #5) You will be directed to the login page. DON'T login. 

Step #6) Scroll down, click "EMAIL CONFIRMATION"

Step #7) Fill in the fields. Use your Email address as your ID.
(And no, our password is not 0218 so you can stop trying to login with our ID ;P)

Step #8) You will be redirected to the Login page. Fill in the fields and login. 

Step #9) You'll need voting credits to vote. Click "CHARGE UP MY VOTES"

Step #10) Click "PAYMENT"

Step #11) Fill in your credit card info and click "SEND". For 10 voting cedits, $4.99 USD will be charged

Step #12) Now go back to the "MOVIE FEMALE" page and VOTE for Shin Hye! You can vote once per day!