Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[INFO] Shin Hye's schedule for June

June 3: [PHOTOSHOOT] Magazine 'Harper's Bazaar' photoshoot
June 7: [EVENT] 'Green Days' media screening
June 8: [DRAMA] 'Heartstrings' filming at Seoul Institute of Arts

June 10: [DRAMA] 'Heartstrings' filming at Gyeonggi-do, Hwaseong
June 12: [EVENT] 'Hayate' meet & greet in Taipei, Taiwan
Time: June 12 14:30時間:100年6月12日下午14:30
Address: Pedestrian Area, Eslite Bookstore, Wu Chang Street, Xi Men Ding, Taipei
Actors/Actresses: Park Shin Hye, George Hu, Tia Li...etc參與演員:樸信惠、胡宇崴、李毓芬、邵翔、寺唯宏正、李依瑾、紀亞文活動方式(How to Join)
1. If you buy the OST or Photobook, you can take a group photo with the cast and have a free poster1. 如有預購唱片或寫真書的粉絲將可與演員群合照拍立得乙張並獲得海報乙張。
2. You can buy a red rose(flower) and High 5 the cast, get a free poster2. 無預購者只要帶著紅玫瑰來到現場即可上台與演員give me 5及獲得海報乙張。
June 13: [EVENT] 'Hayate' Media Screening in Taipei, Taiwan
Time: June 13 14:00時間:100年6月13日下午14:00

Address: #77, 6th floor, Nanjing Road Area 3, Taipei
Actors/Actresses: Park Shin Hye, George Hu, Tia Li...etc參與演員:樸信惠、胡宇崴、李毓芬、邵翔、寺唯宏正、李依瑾、紀亞文、楊淇、金勤、黃鐙輝活動方式:(How to Join)
1. Bring a red rose and arrive before 13:30. Free entry.
1. 在下午13:30前,凡帶著紅玫瑰來到現場,即可進場。
June 14: [EVENT] 'Hayate' cast on TV show "Entertainment 100%" in Taipei, Taiwan
Time: June 14 12:30
June 17 -19 [EVENT] 'Green Days' thanking stage
June 19: [TV] 'Hayate' broadcasts 1st episode on Taiwan's cable tv channel FTV

June 22: 1. Radio recording(guest appearance) : "MBC FM4U 91.9 MHz 두시의 데이트 윤도현입니다" 
The radio program(두시의 데이트 윤도현입니다) is scheduled for broadcast on June 27th at 3pm.
2. Newspaper interviews : 스포츠조선 & 일간스포츠

June 23: [EVENT] 'Green Days' official premiere

June 25: 소중한 날의 꿈(Green Days/大事な日の夢)'s Stage Greeting in Seoul 

June 26:  Shootings of 'Heartstrings(넌 내게 반했어)' in Seoul Institute of the Arts and set of drama in Gyeonggi-do Hwaseong 

June 27 Shootings of 'Heartstrings(넌 내게 반했어)' in Seoul Institute of the Arts

June 29: [TV] 'Heartstrings' broadcasts 1st episode on MBC

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