Monday, May 16, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye crowned 'campus goddess' for her refreshing, innocent beauty

Actress Park Shin Hye is crowned the goddess of school campus.

Drama ‘Heartstrings’ began its 1stfilming on May 15 at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Park Shin Hye plays the role of heroine Lee Kyu Won and her stunning beauty and flawless skin captivated the eyes of people on campus. 

Park Shin Hye was spotted wearing a pink striped shirt and rocking a new bob-style haircut (which she specifically had it done for the drama). She toured the campus with a bright, cheerful look and refreshing charms. Her trendy costume and lovely smile also help portray her role of a college student perfectly. 

‘Heartstrings’ will start broadcasting on MBC as a Wednesday/Thursday drama on June 29. 

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  1. she is getting younger and younger by day. nice haircut!

  2. She is so pretty...

    Am so looking forward to the drama...more so now with these pictures. It would be great to see her on screen again.

    June will be a Park Shin Hye drama fest!!!!

  3. wow!shes so gorgeous!i'm excited on her two drama to be shown soon!وببلي

  4. thanks for the updates...

    i love her school attire...very refreshing and yes,trendy...looking forward for more pix..RENCE

  5. love her!!!...... her new hair style really fits her character in this drama, cant wait to see the drama....miss her so much, THANKS ADMIN...hope for more^^ .....yumi

  6. yeah really pretty....they really made the right choice....

  7. She is very very very pretty forever and for always. Fighting.
    God bless you ^^

  8. omo...from cute and innocent in YAB to pretty and more mature here in <3Strings!! Go our ShinHye Star!!! you Rock! :))

  9. Mss:PARK SHIN HYE you're getting younger and younger're very very very very BEAUTIFUL,CUTE,PRETTY AND're the right person to play the role of Go Mi Nam or Go Mi Nyu in you're beautiful because the title refers to you're beauty......very very very very very very very PRETTY......God bless you always...take care...