Monday, May 30, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye poses with gifts from fans, is 'prettier than flowers '

PSHIFC made it to the news again! 
Why? Check out the translation of the news article below:

Actress Park Shin Hye unveils a gift certification photo on Twitter.

On 30th's morning, Park Shin Hye tweeted a photo along with the following update :
"잠 별로 못자서 나사한쪽 풀린지금.. 여러분덕에 힘이 펄펄납니다!! 고마워요 PSH_IFC!!!!!!! 오늘도 힘내서 촬영할게요^^*"
(trans: Didn't have enough sleep so I have a few loose screws.. I feel the strong support from everyone!! Thank you PSH_IFC!!!!!! I will be strong for today's filming too ^^*)

In the photo Park Shin Hye holds a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a cake in the other. Although her face shows a few signs of fatigue, radiance still shines through her smile.

Her positive energy invited a lot of welcoming comments from netizens, who tell the actress that she looks 'cute', 'shin hye-ssi you look good with flowers', and 'fighting!' etc.

Shin Hye's new drama Heartstrings will begin broadcast on June 29.

source: DaumOsen, TV Report, Shin Hye's Twitter

So.. what's the deal? 
Answer: We sent a bouquet of flowers and a cake to Shin Hye on behalf of all PSHIFC members to congratulate her on her Paeksang Arts Awards win. 

^^ Please continue to support Shin Hye as well as PSHIFC's fan projects! Thank you!~

We currently have 2 projects, 

Along with this wonderful news, today was the grand opening of Heartstrings 's official page on MBC where photos and videos of the drama are posted. As PSHIFC has posted several weeks ago, today's pictures confirmed that Shin Hye was wearing our Star necklace to the script reading. You can see it clearly in this photo: 

To see pictures and the video of the first script reading, go here:

During that same day, Shin Hye and her co-star in Green Days were interviewed about the animation where you can also see our necklace:


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW to the max! I'm so proud to be Shin Hye's fan. Shin Hye fighting. We will always love and support you!

  2. Congratulations everyone!!! the flowers look so beautiful!

  3. tq shinhye..feels appreciated^^....luve u so much dear...fighting!!

  4. im just curious about the necklace, is it the star shape necklace that jang geun suk gave her in their recent drama "You're Beautiful"...

  5. shinhye is really so grateful and appreciative of what's been given to a fan, i love her more for that...she never forgets her fans..congratulations, again and may God bless you more...RENCE

  6. No it's our star necklace. Please click on the links at the bottom of the photos to see our post on the necklace. It was given to her by us for her birthday.

  7. yunitta loveshinhyeJune 3, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    we always support you

  8. i really love park shin hye especially her korean drama you're beautiful. Go park shin hye!

  9. never wary to press on... i always believe you could get better and be the best as you pursue for the excellence. :)

    go...go...go... star and fill the heavens of your light!