Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Park Shin Hye appointed Goodwill Ambassador of KFHI

After the 'Heartstrings' promotional posters photoshoot today, Shin Hye attended a ceremony held by non-profit organization 'Korea Food for the Hungry International' where she was appointed the 25th Goodwill Ambassador alongside actor Yoon Shi Yoon.

What’s KFHI?
Korea Food for the International is a non-profitable organization established in 1989 as a national organization in support of food for the Hungry International(FHI). KFHI was the first NGO registered in Korea to send aid to foreign countries. KFHI is incorporated in Switzerland and maintains on-going programs in over 74 countries located in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Eastern Europe.

Shin Hye previously worked with KFHI together on their '311 Japan Earthquake Relief Fund Campaign' which benefited thousands of Japanese victims in the Tohoku region. We at PSHIFC are proud partners of the project and our members helped raised 2,000,000 (Korean Won) for the tsunami/earthquake relief.

You can read more about it here:

We would like to congratulate Shin Hye on being the ambassador for such a meaningful organization!! Way to go princess! ^^

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  1. Wow!!! So proud of Shin Hye. She has such a good heart so it's fitting she's a goodwill ambassador for KFHI. And Kim Tak Goo..I mean Yoon Shi Yoon, so glad he's with her too. Congrats Shin Hye!!!

  2. woah! park shin hye rocks by helping those people!!!

  3. proud of you park shin hye being a goodwill ambassador..keep it up! godbless:-) my name is marj one of your fan

  4. Omo! Park Shin Hye as ambassador of KFHI along side Yoon Si Yoon!!!

    i'm so giddy up when i saw these two..they are my favorites and seriously hoping they could collaborate in a drama or movie someday.'s an honor to be a part of a meaningful project, thanks PSHIF for giving me the oppurtunity =)

    1. Your wish has been granted xD

  5. ohhh... the baker king with Shin Hye... another proud moment for Hacci to be part of such a meaningful cause... I'm sure she is glad to be chosen as one of the ambassadors!

    @rori- yeah i hope so, too. - rosie

  6. WOW I'am really really proud of you you have good heart god bless you always...

  7. yours so nice shin hye also yoon shi yoon,,, GOD BLESS.. more power to come :))