Friday, May 27, 2011

[VIDEO/PHOTO] Park Shin Hye at the 47th Paeksang Arts Awards

After the awards show, Shin Hye went on twitter and tweeted thanks to her fans. Here's what it reads:

고맙고 감사합니다.별빛천사,욱끼들, PSH_IFC,ShinhyeNet!! 모두모두 너무 감사드려요..받은사랑만큼 더 많은 사랑드릴 수 있는 좋은배우가 되겠습니다.감사합니다.

"Thank you so much. Starlight angels (the official Korean FC), DC Gallery, PSH_IFC, shinhyenet!! Everyone, I thank you for all the love I've received. I am truly grateful.  I wil become a better actor. Thank you. "

If there were such things as gods and goddesses, Shin Hye would be the Goddess.

There are no words to describe how beautiful Shin Hye looked tonight. She stepped out of her van looking absolutely stunning, a Greek Goddess to the T. She was glowing and effervescent, walking down the red carpet in her Ferragamo dress and SYNN shoes while holding her Swarovski clutch.

Earlier this month, Paeksang held a voting competition for all fans to vote for their favorite actor and/or actress in select categories. Shin Hye's fans from Korea and all over the world came together and voted. By the end of the voting period, Shin Hye landed in the top with a 77.8% lead over all the other actresses in the Popular Movie Actress category.

Before the awards show began, Shin Hye was photographed backstage with none other than her Heartstrings co-star Jung Yong Hwa. They were talking and laughing and playing with his iPad.

Later in the evening, looking absolutely gorgeous, she accepted her award and gave a teary and heartfelt speech. When her name was called,  Jung Yong Hwa high-fived her and as she was on stage, gave her a bouquet of flowers.(watch from 00:30) The actor winning in this category was BigBang's TOP.

In her speech, Shin Hye thanked God, her fans, her manager's support for 8 years, her entertainment agency 4Him Entertainment, her makeup artists at Jenny's House..etc. 

Soon after receiving her Popular Movie Actress award, Shin Hye came out with Jung Yong Hwa to present some awards. They did an amazing job as presenters.

After receiving her trophy, Shin Hye posed in front of the InStyle wall backstage. In one of the photos, she was kissing her well deserved trophy. And isn't she cute?

Shin Hye worked really hard the last year so it's deserving she won this award. She is so hard-working and talented. Everything she has won, she earned them-well-deserved!!

We would like to congratulate our wonderful, beautiful, elegant, smart, clever, funny, kind, talented, forever humble and gracious Park Shin Hye on winning the 47th Paeksang Arts Award in Popular Movie Actress!

The 47th Paeksang Arts Awards was held at Kyung Hee University.

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures, videos and keeping us updated, ladies...

    Shin Hye did a fantastic job and am sure that all stars were so proud of her. Wish we could have been there cheering for her...Am sure we would have screamed the house down :)))

    Great work!!!

  2. I'm so proud of Shin Hye and so proud to be her fan. She deserves this so much. Her hardwork has paid off. I love her so much this gorgeous, beautiful, Goddess called Park Shin Hye!!! <33333333

  3. Thanks a million. Her lovely face and aura made my day happier and brighter.

  4. Our beloved star is shining so bright tonight. I can't believe it. It's such a wonderful thing. It is because she worked hard for it, so many people love her and I can find a thousand reasons why. I'm so proud to support her.

    It seems she took time on her speech but i'm glad she never forget to thank her supporters especially God who blessed her with beauty, talent, family, friends and supporters.

    I hope this recognition will inspire and motivate her to do more movie. She has a fair share of dramas so focus on films.

    For that seconds, i thought she TOP looked good with Park Shin Hye. I'm not into him but he looked attractive with his odd attire. But then, their compliment each other. hehehe

    Seeing Minam and Shinwoo up there..i miss Hwang Tae Kyung and Jeremy all of a sudden.

    Anyway, all the best to Heartstring and more success to our lovely star, Park Shin Hye.
    Dream..Believe and Achieve.

    ♫everybody say lalala♪
    ♪everybody say hahaha♫
    ♪everybody say tatata♪
    ♫everybody say hello hello♪

  5. thank you for all the posts..

    congratulations, a fan, i am so proud of deserve the award and all the success you're've worked so hard and really is talented...

    you are so pretty in that gown especially beside YH..ooohhh..suddenly reminiscing YAB days and the anjells...i love how cool they were when they high five and when YH gave her flowers on so happy that the anjells maintain their friendship...

    again, love and prayers to you in all your endeavors...good luck on your dramas, Hayate and of course, Hearstrings...RENCE

  6. Congratulation!!! Am so happy for you. Really want to see you more in dramas n movies!

  7. I am really proud to be her fan! Park Shin Hye really deserves that award! :)

  8. so happy for her.. so glad that fans supported her for her to win the award...she deserves it!
    Thanks to all who voted! Wow, Minam and Shinwoo! - rosie

  9. I got teary-eyed looking at the photos and videos. She worked so hard and is so grateful for everything. So, so proud to be her fan! Congratulations Shin Hye! You're so beautiful tonight.

  10. Congrats Shinhye for the award, you really deserved it.

    I must admit it that I'm not fond of her dress in the award ceremony..., but I really love her make up, her hair cut and her glowing smile :)

  11. Oh...I forgot to add it...this award is really meaningful for Shinhye, because not like last SBS award when she received an award with her fellow ANjell, now she received it as an show that Shinhye as an individual been recognize by Korean Entertainment Industry, her hardwork for 8 years is paid of...
    I hope in the future Shinhye will stand on the stage to receive Daesang Award...I know that time will come :) :)....Shinhye fighting

  12. selamat ya park shin hye

  13. yunitta loveshinhyeMay 27, 2011 at 9:06 PM

    park shin hye congratulations you deserve to get the award as much as possible you're the best
    continues to be a great actress yes we wait for your arrival into Indonesia
    I am your fan

  14. congratulations park shin hye!!!! you really deserved that award for being talented, charming, beautiful, adorable and many other else!!!

    keep the goos work park shin hye!!!

    <3 <3 <3

  15. I admire your silence amidst the "noises" of who is who.You use your head and you make your heart strong. Continue to uphold the Christian values even if you seemed to loss others. The best for you is one who treats and respects you as a lady and not a thing to play with. Congratulations to your parents for raising you with good standing and with right values! Congratulations for overcoming!

  16. Park Shin Hye...I look forward that you'll be involved with a serious project that will showcase your talents at best. Something that will win you a best actress award or the Daesang Award. I also want you to be paired with Kim Hyung Joon! I like his posture and bearing also.

  17. Thanks to your manager for right guidance and for protecting you and career! So is for your agency too!

  18. PSH_IFC...thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures (and the updates about Park Shin Hye). :)

    And Park Shin Hye,
    You are such a beautiful young lady. Thank you for shining your light so brightly for Christ. You are impacting so many lives through your modesty and humility. The young man who wins your heart will be greatly blessed!:)
    We are praying for you and your family. May the Lord bless and encourage you in all that you do.

  19. thank you for all the updates and vids...

    my warmest congratulations, a fan, i am so proud of you, you've already achieved so much at a young age...will always pray for your success and happiness...

    for me, you were the brightest star that night, so elegant in your gown and with that new hair cut of yours...

    watching you with shinwoo beside you made me happy...i love the high five you two made,it showed how cool and comfortable your friendship is..

    can't wait to see Hearstrings and of course Hayate this June..Tata

  20. thank you for the update and vids...
    congritulation to shinhye,,,,,,
    shinehye beautiful,so elegan,and i like your new hair very beauty.
    iam fans from indonesia,,i always waiting your new drama''hearstrings''
    and one more congritulation to you,,,
    i always support you.

  21. to our super star congratz princess shin hye....she so deserves this and we pray god will be with you all the day and we will be with you on your journey to be the best actress/performer/entertainer in korea and internationally...god bless and we love you from australia


  22. wow super awesome....u look so good park shin .u have so nice dress and bag u also have a nice smile....

  23. The best way to show your goodness is on the way you walk your lifestyle as a testimony and not just talk about it.

    I am happy for you, Shinwoo and Hongki as you all maintain the friendship and support.

    To Shinwoo and Hongki, thanks for being there in the life of Shin Hye!

  24. Keep on... never wary of doing good! And every door that will be closed, there are other open opportunities for you to under go. At times former things happened because these were protections for your welfare.

    Be happy and be blessed! Surely, you are loved!

  25. One thing I like also in you, you exude an aura of purity and elegance. Somethings that project clean living and a healthy lifestyle. Not messy to look at, very feminine and classy but not overdone.

    I don't flatter and idolize people. I am just commenting and expressing what I observed. Just natural and not too extra sweet!

  26. I always look forward for your upcoming dramas and movies. You've been working hard and done great efforts to hone your craft...strive to be the best of yourself. Not to prove you are good and perfect but work with enthusiasm and enjoy every moment of work. The best inspiration is having the joy in your work. A merry heart is a "healing" to others and a power to overcome all obstacles. As always, YOU ARE LOVED"!

  27. You are simply confident of yourself. As I observed the video on the 47th Paeksang Award, your actions were simple on stage and not trying to catch the attention of others and trying to show how sweet you are and adorable.

    Issues of the heart sometimes are vivid to the eyes when displayed both in guarded and unguarded moments- planned or unplanned!

  28. I don't choose as to whom you will be paired of. I go with Yong Hwa too.But, wouldn't it be also nice to have Kim Hyung Joon in forthcoming projects? I like his bearing and posture. So manly and very sports-minded with a true gift in music as vocalist and an instrument player.

    Silent with no hypes!

  29. WOW I'am so proud of're very pretty and you're gown is simple but elegant....god bless you..don't for get to pray and i'm praying for you everyday....may happiniest soround everyday...if you you're sad i'm sad

  30. Park Shin Hye very good at winning.
    Park Shin Hye pretty and cute that day.

  31. You are truly a beauty! And very feminine too! Happy to see new pics of you!

  32. please post for more...of her latest pics!