Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[AUDIO] Shin Hye on Radio MBC's '2pm Date with Yoon Do-hyun'

On 27th, Radio MBC broadcast a pre-recorded audio interview segment of 'Heartstrings' cast member Park Shin Hye and DJ Yoon Do-hyun.

In the program, Shin Hyetalked about her upcoming drama, her characters and also some fun facts about her costar Jung Yonghwa. (Complete audio below) We have translated the conversation between Shin Hye and Yoon Do-hyun:

Y: Yoon Do-hyun                SH: Shin Hye

Y: I heard that Shin Hye has been chosen as the female lead for MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama.

SH: Yes

Y: The name is 'Heartstrings', cast members include Park Shin Hye who's the guest here right now, CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa, Song Chang-Ui and So Yi-hyun. Except for Park Shin Hye, I am close with all other cast members(jokingly) .

SH: Really?

Y: What is the drama about?

SH: It's a story with an arts university as background. I am a member of the Traditional Music Department while Yonghwa's from the Applied Music Department. A group of friends gathering together for a month to prepare for the school performance. Love and friendship are entwined in the story .

Y: There's a lot about music, too, right?

SH: That's right. Music takes a major role in the drama. The band that Yonghwa is in )in the drama) is a vastly popular one in school, so there will be a lot of public performance scenes related to that band. 

Y: Ah that's interesting. The broadcast will begin on 29th?

SH: Yes

Y: I am looking forward to it. How do you feel? Do you think it will succeed?

SH: Yes...I hope so...

Y: It seems to be that the atmosphere of the drama is very nice. Firstly, the cast gives people a fresh feeling, and also there's a rock band and a traditional music group. Gives people an interesting feeling. Park Shin Hye's character specializes in gayageum, right?

SH: Yes, she is a gayageum specialist. 

Y: So you gotta practice gayageum?

SH: Yes, I started learning gayageum one month before the filming started, so now I can play some easy songs. However, for those fast songs, with pace so fast that you can hardly see the finger movement... those I think need 10 years of learning before being able to play....... I was able to achieve the beginner's level quickly, and my teacher was kind of shocked and complimented me :)

Y: Ah, Park Shin Hye is really talented!

SH: Thank you.

Y: In 'You're Beautiful' (2009), Jung Yonghwa was also cast and starred as a character who loves Park Shin Hye. For 'Heartstrings', is the situation similar? Seems to me that in 'Heartstrings' there will be a subtle loveline between the two of you. 

SH: Yes there will be. But this time, the situation is opposite... Yonghwa doesn't like me and I fall in love with his character first. My feeling for him in the drama is : 'Ah, this guy is quite nice and quite handsome' and develop feelings for him.

Y: This is your 2nd time working together, You two have grown close?

SH: Yes, during 'You're Beautiful', we already became very close friends. Close to a point that.. when we were both cast for this drama(Heartstrings), we were worried and thought: 'Ah.. what should we do when there are intimate scenes?'

Y: Ah, it will be embarrassing, right? I know how you feel, when you're that close friends, you will feel embarrassed when filming these scenes.

SH: Yes, and also... the Yonghwa I know and Lee Shin in 'Heartstrings'.... don't quite match....


-Both laughing-

SH: In the drama he is too handsome! Which shocked me and I thought 'Ah this kid has a side like this!'

Y: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! Yonghwa is a very cheerful person in real life.

SH: Yes, he is very cheerful.

Y: That's why he doesn't quite match with his character in the drama (Lee Shin is very cold).

SH: Yes, exactly.

Y: If Yonghwa is your boyfriend, how will it be?

SH: You mean in real life?

Y: Yes, your ages are quite close?

SH: Yes, we're same age buddies. 

Y: Oh you are same age friends! So.. what is your feeling?

SH: Hmm... he is very popular in real life, so if we were dating, I would feel very tired.. I would feel like.. he would not be a very good boyfriend... Ah am I too honest?

Y: No, I think you're right. When celebrities are too famous, they will give their partners a tired feeling. But if, if Jung Yonghwa is not a popular celebrity, then will it be ok?

SH: But.. that is.. AHAHAHAHA!!

Y: Jung Yonghwa-ssi, I am sorry (that we are laughing) haha we don't mean it. Yonghwa is a dongsaeng that I like very much.

SH: He is handsome, but I think we're better off as friends. Ah.. I am in trouble...?