Sunday, June 26, 2011

A "HEARTSTRINGS" Project: Prayer Flags in the Wind

(Japanese 日本語:

I have seen them in documentaries on Tibet, in Brad Pitt's movie "Seven Years in Tibet: or other such shows on the Himalayas, but I didn't know they were prayer flags. I didn't give them much thought. Until, in brainstorming for the next project, one of us suggested prayer flags.

What is a prayer flag?

"A prayer flag is a colorful panel of rectangular cloth, often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas. They are used to bless the surrounding countryside and for other purposes." So if that village in Nepal that Shin Hye went to December 2009 was in the highlands then she'd have seen these on top of temples or mountains..

Prayer flags started as sutras (scriptural narratives or a rule in the Sanskrit literature) written on banners that traditionally, comes in sets of five, one in each of five colors representing the elements, arranged from left to right in specific order: blue (sky/space), white (air/wind), red (fire), green (water), and then yellow (earth).

Prayer flags are gentle reminders, bringing us back to our essence and helping us to open our hearts and minds. When we hang prayer flags, we create the intention for more kindness for ourselves and all beings.

"As they wave in the wind, prayer flags lift up and carry our wishes for compassion, peace, and healing around the earth. Prayer flags encourage us to live more mindfully and help us to restore our own inner calm."

Now, here's a different take on prayer flags...

Ours, PSHIFC's, will be just as beautiful for "as wind passes over the surface of the flags..the air is purified and sanctified..." by hopes, wishes, and prayers for Shin Hye from around the world.

Choice #1: If you don't have time in your schedule to make a prayer flag of your own, you can comment under this post [click here] with your message to Shin Hye (Please include your name and country) and we will write it on a prayer flag for you. Admin X (identity withheld, awaiting further psychoanalysis) was really sweet to make 150 of them. This is a first come first server basis, so don't wait.

Choice #2: Another option: you can make your own flag. Flag specifications are here: (CLICK HERE) Our admins are leaving on the 21st of July for Seoul so calculate how many working days it takes for your packages to reach Japan plus three days, time allowance. And that's your working deadline.

Because we are going overseas, we would really appreciate if you could donate to help us buy gifts for Shin Hye and candy/drinks for the cast and crew. Thanks in advance.

-Your message can include a meaningful quote or quote to give courage/strength, etc.
-Something about 'Heartstrings'
-Personal message
-Please limit your message to several lines. Thanks.

And don't forget that Shin Hye loves HANDMADE fan gifts!!