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[MAGAZINE] 110629 '韓FUN' - パク・シネ Interview


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<This is Park Shin Hye who played Go Mi Nam in "Ikemen" and had to dress as a boy, her twin. It was a cute role for her. Now in her new drama "Heartstrings" she plays Kyu Won, a university student.>

1. In the drama, you play an art student, so this role is really close to you in real life?
"I want to show some similarity and fit parts (from the drama) to herself. I thought I could show new sides of me by challenging new thing-gayageum."

2. Kyu Won is a cheerful character, are there any similarities and differences between you and Kyu Won?
"We are cheerful but lack confidence and we are very simple people. I haven't discovered yet how I might be different from Kyu Won."

3. Kyu Won plays the gayageum and majored in it in college, did you have any difficulty playing the gayageum?
"I've never played the gayageum before so I started practicing one month before the start of filming. When you play the gayageum, you have to use both hands, one to make the music and the other to make the vibrations. I have to pretend I am good at the gayageum since my character majors it in. It was difficult to play as good as real gayageum majors."

<This drama is about art students, about her tears and sweats and about going on stage and succeeding, and also about discovering love. It's about love but it's also a painful college romance. Shin Hye plays the role of the heroine who likes the cool student Lee Shin, played by Jung Yong Hwa.>

4. You play again with Yong Hwa, what was your thoughts when you knew you'd be playing with him again?
"My first thoughts were, Oh nice, we will be able to do something nice together, play nice part and we are friends because we have already acted together before. We are friends so we will have good chemistry on the set."

5. What are your impression of Yong Hwa playing his character?
"Yong Hwa likes to play pranks a lot, but he can also be elegant so it was pleasant. We could be friends without any problems."

6. Yong Hwa plays Lee Shin, a really cool role and so in the drama, you like this guy, but in fact, what is your type?
"My type is like my dad. Someone who is nice, gentle, has leadership quality. Someone who is taciturn but who can also protect me."

<The location is Jeju Island and they shot at a resort. It was in the southeast part of the island. There is a lighthouse by the ocean and Shin Hye lights us with her brilliant performance. She's like a real star.>

7. Your schedule is very tight. What do you do to refresh/relax yourself?
"When I drive, I listen to music really loud and when I want to cry, I cry. And I dances. I got my driver's license a year ago, but I don't have many opportunities to drive so I'm not a really good driver."

<Even without makeup, she's cute the way she is. Her face is naturally cute.>

8. Now if you have an occasion would you like to make a drama/movie in Japan? Is there an actor or actress with whom you would like to work?
"Yes if there's a character in a drama/movie that fits me, I would like to do it. I'd like work with Eita (age 28) from "Sunao ni narenakute - Hard to say I love you" and Miura Haruma from "Bloody Monday". These dramas were very interesting.

9. Do you have a message for Japanese fans?
"I wanted to come and visit Japanese fans but I had to film in Taiwan and now in Korea so I didn't have time. Once shooting is over, I think I will spend some time together in Japan. Thank you for loving "You're Beautiful <Ikemendesune>" And please love "Heartstrings."

<After the interview, I asked her to sign for the fans. She added, "You should watch it (Heartstrings) " The day she will have a project in Japan isn't too far off.>

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