Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[MAGAZINE] Park Shin Hye is a charming girl for InStyle

Park Shin Hye shows off her youthful charms in a photoshoot.

Fashion magazine <InStyle> July issue features a sophisticated summer-festival styled photoshoot starring Park Shin Hye.  The actress's 'rock' appearance in the photoshoot combined with unique youthful styling earns her the title of 'national trendsetter'. 
Posing with denim shorts, rain boots, various bags and summer accessories, Park Shin Hye adds in a casual finish to the look. The surrounding landscape and green grass bring out the charms of her smile, and her pure image overwhelms the atmosphere. 
One of the staff said 'Despite the hot weather, Park Shin Hye smiled throughout the photoshoot.', revealing the actress's positive energy. 

Park Shin Hye's new drama 'Heartstrings' will begin broadcast on June 29 on MBC.

Source: TV Daily