Monday, June 27, 2011

[NEWS] 'Lead singer' Park Shin Hye denies rumors about her and Jang Keun Suk/Jung Yonghwa

Actress Park Shin Hye transforms into art college student representative with her elegance and fresh charms.

In a set of drama stills revealed today, Park Shin Hye is seen singing with sparkling eyes and fresh smiles. Her body language expressed through her pose shows her passion and enjoyment towards singing.

Park Shin Hye plays gayageum prodigy Lee Kyu Won in MBC upcoming drama 'Heartrings'. Through her character, Shin Hye's astounding talent in music, dance and acting can be seen by viewers.

Staff of the drama said 'Park Shin Hye is an actress who devotes a lot of passion to her job. She practices her lines word by word, and diligently learns her songs. All crew members are wowed by her performance. Please give a lot of support to Lee Kyu Won and Park Shin Hye.'

Also capturing a lot of attention are the rumors between Shin Hye and her ex/present costars Jang Keun Suk and Jung Yonghwa. Many people speculate that the actress is dating either one of the actors. In response to this, Shin Hye firmly denied the rumors and said NO.

'I grew close to both Jang Keun Suk and Jung Yonghwa through our previous drama project 'You're Beautiful" (2009). But I am definitely not dating either one of them.' Park Shin Hye said in an interview with Sports Chosun.

In SBS drama "You're Beautiful", Park Shin Hye and Jang Keun Suk play a couple and have a lot of intimate scenes. Fans of the drama often ask 'Are they really dating in real life?'.

As for Jung Yonghwa, he worked with Shin Hye previously in YAB, and becomes her costar again in MBC drama 'Heartstrings'. At the 47th Paeksang Arts Awards, Yonghwa went on stage to surprise Shin Hye with a bouquet of flowers, which further cause people to question their relationship.

"Yonghwa is my good friend. I am very thankful for him surprising me with flowers at the Paeksang Arts Awards." Fans of Jung Yonghwa approve Park Shin Hye with comments like 'If Yonghwa dates Shin Hye, it's ok." To this, Shin Hye said "Because we are both blood type A people, we can get along very well. We can be good friends but not boyfriend and girlfriend."

Shin Hye's new drama with Yonghwa will start its run on MBC this Wednesday, June 29 at 9:55pm.

Source: Nate News

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  1. yunitta loveshinhyeJune 27, 2011 at 11:27 PM

    definitely melodious voice already not wait filim We want to see like you

  2. yunitta loveshinhyeJune 27, 2011 at 11:29 PM

    we must always support you park shin hye

  3. She's so beautiful in those photos. What a talented talented girl. That's why we love her so much. Poor Shin Hye to have to answer to these rumor questions. But I'm glad she clarified it as to not cause anymore rumors. People should leave her alone. I think they know each other a little too well to want to date each other. I know I wouldn't.

  4. love this beautiful girl!! She's so talented^^

    It's sad that people keep on spreading the stupid rumors about her and her male costars to a point that she needs to come out and clarify. Can't people support her for who she is?

    I love Shin Hye for who she is. Her talent and kind-heartedness inspire me everyday :)

  5. Yeah same thought Karen. Shin Hye inspires me everyday too. She improves me and make me see the world in a different way. Who she is and what she does humbles me because I can only do a fraction of what she does. This girl is an inspiration. I love her so much and I will always support her.

  6. Darren from MalaysiaJune 28, 2011 at 1:28 AM

    She's a talented actress and singer, i'm always support u.. :)

  7. I really love her. No matters what Shin Hye!, We always be here for you! You are so talented.

    I am so happy for this "Through her character, Shin Hye's astounding talent in music, dance and acting can be seen by viewers" she is going to dance?...she is really good at that! - Faby

  8. well said psh.....we are all here to support you. we love your beautiful heart, warm and bubbly personality and your love shown thru voluntary work it just astounds me.....we will work hard to spread the love you spread....god bless cant wait hope someone will kindly eng sub heartstring for us nonkorean speakers.....god bless and thank you to pshifc for keeping us uptodate with all her news we love you

  9. Beautiful shin hye.

  10. i'm glad that she cleared the speculations on her relationship with sukkie and YH. anyway, i am contented with her friendship with the 3 anjell guys.

    Love will come to her in the right time and whoever he is, he definitely is a lucky guy.

    For now, lets support hayate and heartstrings.

  11. all the best for Shin Hye....~^^~

  12. yeah... because other fans of moon-geun-young are not being fare with her, they really want jks for mgy that they attack psh's capabilities. that's not fair!

    she can leave a track without jks though they had a beautiful chemistry in yab... but i feel she was made to appear whining after jks's attention!

  13. and i even found them a loud attack of her morals which i found her actions to be opposite.

    She's a woman with principles and of good breeding. not addicted to wine and a lady who founds it very appropriate not to be drinking all together with a man... no matter how the reasons for it were tried to sound good and convincing!

    they even said psh was not invited by the guys when they were going out. So what, any man who asked the woman to go along with them and have drinking spree, probably... is not a lady worth with a higher respect... you are just a drinking partner.

    Sorry... psh is not an ordinary girl next door!
    Thanks to the parents for reaching her out and making an influence beyond what an ordinary parents of a normal showbiz family.

  14. to psh parents...

    to the parents- congratulations for being her parents...
    and for being a good role model to your daughter!

    that's right shin-hype... you need a man who is not controlled by too much wine for he may have the tendency to have many woes and could not solve the problem but resort to wine... instead of responding rightly to the circumstance.

  15. They feel threaten by her that's why. I'm so sick of these stupid shipper fanwars. Why can't they love her for who is she? She's such a wonderful person that she doesn't need to be paired with a guy to be liked. She can hold herself up. I love this girl more than anything in this world. She has my support, love, and loyalty. Why can't people just lover her for her?

    Because they don't like Shin Hye and say mean thing about her, I've come to dislike the actress/actor that they like because of their stupid fans. And this is how you create antis, folks, so stop being stupid shippers/fans.

  16. PARK SHIN HYE is a jewel...she's not perfect but all the people love her no matter what she is. people who wants her down will not succeed...go psh,,fight! fight! fight! we support you and respect your decisions,,,love you so much...gudlak!!!