Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye says 'ok to have calluses', distinguishes in gayageum learning

Actress Park Shin Hye is in full swing for gayageum learning and practice.

In MBC's new drama 'Heartstrings', Park Shin Hye plays Lee Kyu Won, an art university student and gayageum music prodigy who harbors a passion in traditional music. Shortly after being cast, she takes gayageum lessons with university instructors and practices diligently. The repetitive and frequent practices have caused blisters and calluses to grow on her fingertips, but Park Shin Hye says it is ok as she enjoys the learning process. Her enthusiasm has distinguished her as a merit gayageum student.

Park Shin Hye says "I learned about the gayageum through ‘Kyu Won’, my character. Unlike its stocky outer appearance, it has such a clear, feminine sound, which immediately captivated me. Although I’m still lacking, I’m using every spare moment I can to practice and hopefully create more beautiful sounds.” 

She continued, “‘Kyu Won’ isn’t actually a gayageum prodigy, but more like someone that’s been deeply influenced by her grandfather. She’s known about it all her life. By meeting ‘Lee Shin’ and ‘Kim Suk Hyun’, she goes through bumps along the way, but through that experience, eventually comes to find what her dream really is.”
The actress recently transformed into a charming 'campus goddess' with her bobbed hairstyle, clear skin and fresh look. She was praised to be 'prettier than flowers' last week with her candid shot from the filming set.

'Heartstrings' is a drama with an arts university as its background, telling the story of young people who chase their dreams in the aspects of singing, dancing, acting, and arts. It is scheduled to broadcast on June 29. The poster photoshoot took place last week.

Source: Korean News

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