Sunday, June 12, 2011

[PHOTOS] Shin Hye in Taiwan for 'Hayate the Combat Butler' Day 1

A cheerful Shin Hye arrived in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport this morning for her Taiwanese drama 'Hayate the Combat Butler' promotions.

Spotted wearing a white top, leggings and sunglasses, she waved and smiled to waiting fans and reporters as she walked out of immigration.

Because of her tight schedule, Shin Hye did not stop at her hotel, but went straight to the event venue at Xi Men Ding, Taipei where the 'Meet & Greet Event' was held(outdoors event).

Along with her costars, Shin Hye introduced herself and her character to the crowd of audience in the busy streets of Taipei. Video:

In the video, Shin Hye introduces her character "Xiao-Zi" and says "Wo-ai-ni"(I Love You) to the audience. Then she talked about her most unforgettable scene, which is "Whenever Xiao-Zi got into trouble, Hayate would save her from danger. It is very unforgettable to me. And I have a handsome butler in the drama."

MC asked Shin Hye which cast member took care of her during the drama filming. Shin Hye said Tia and George took care of her the most because they had most scenes filmed together. They also ate meals and chatted together while they were not filming.

They also made promises on stage. If the viewer ratings is over "3" (excellent), then what will they do? Shin Hye said she will visit Taiwan again if it happens.

The cast is asked to choose a fan each to come up on stage to play games with them. Shin Hye chose the fan who was holding a banner (will appear in part 5). Meanwhile, the cast played a game of "who eats icecream faster?" George V.S. Jean Lee. Jean Lee won. George lost, so he had to give a piggyride to Tia and Shin Hye.

Group photos time

playing games with lucky fans time

They played games, and George Hu was punished to piggyback ride his female costars as he lost at the games.

After the games section, it was time for the 'handshake event'. Everyone who pre-ordered the Hayate photobook could shake hands with the cast and take a polaroid photo with them. Shin Hye smiled so brightly and beautifully!

As the handshake event wrapped up, the cast left in a bus together to their next event - photoshoot and TV show recording. Fans could not attend those.

News Video from today.

Tomorrow, Shin hye and her costars will greet fans again at the 'Media Premiere event' in Taipei. After that, they will leave for a TV show recording. Let's wish her a healthy and happy trip despite her busy schedule!!

'Hayate the Combat Butler' will broadcast its first episode on June 19 2011 (Sunday) on cable TV channel FTV. Watch the trailers here:

Upon boarding her flight at Seoul's Incheon Airport today, Shin Hye tweeted:

"대만으로 출국준비중\(//∇//)\ 2박3일 빡빡한 스케줄이 기다리고 있지만!! 대만팬분들과 함께하는 프로그램도 있으니 재밌게 즐겁게 하고 오겠습니다. 다녀올게요!! 대만에서 만나요^^
trans: Departing for Taiwan\(//∇//)\ 2 Nights 3 Days tight schedule!! But with Taiwanese fans I"m sure it will be fun and enjoyable. Bye!! See you in Taiwan^^"

Please spazz with me - SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ^^

Credit: All photos credit as tagged. Special thanks to our friends over at Park Shin Hye Taiwan Fan Club! You guys did a great job today!