Monday, June 13, 2011

[PHOTO/VIDEO] Shin Hye in Taiwan for 'Hayate the Combat Butler' Day 2

Day 2 in Taiwan!

At 2:00pm today, lovely Shin Hye and her costars attended the premiere of 'Hayate'. They were invited to talk about funny happenings during the drama's filming. (see video below with English subtitles)

1. Shin Hye lost 5kg since February 2011. She said she lost weight because of her new drama filming (for Heartstrings).

2. When Shin Hye arrived in Taiwan on June 12, the first thing she wanted to drink/eat was Taiwanese Bubble Tea.

3. The cast and crew said that during the filming for Hayate, Shin Hye gained weight because she always ate all the food in her lunchboxes. Haha.

4. On kiss scenes: Shin Hye was asked to compare kiss scenes with "You'e Beautiful" costar Jang Keun Suk and 'Hayate' costar George Hu. She said that Jang Keun Suk was more like an older brother to her, and George is very manly. She also added that many female fans will be jealous when they see kiss scenes between her and George.

5. George said that he ate a lot of bubble gum before filming kiss scenes with Shin Hye to give her a good impression.

6. Shin Hye and George communicated in simple English during the drama filming. In the beginning, they could only use hand and facial expressions to communicate, but afterward they used English.

7. George taught Shin Hye how to speak simple Chinese, and Shin Hye taught him how to say "Thank you for your hard work" in Korean = "수거했어요".

8. On one filming occasion, George and Shin Hye needed to film a 'fighting!' slogan for the drama in Chinese for the trailer. After filming it, they said "Give Me 5!" to each other. Shin Hye was praised by the staff to speak Chinese better than George. Hahahahaha!

Video (with English subtitles - PLEASE SWITCH ON 'CC'):

She waved goodbye to fans when leaving:

They also had a TV show filming afterward and George took a photo with Shin Hye backstage:

Tomorrow, Shin Hye and the cast will take part in 'Entertainment 100%' TV Show filming at noon. Let's wish her a safe flight and hope that she will enjoy the rest of her time in Taiwan! ^^

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