Thursday, June 9, 2011

[VIDEOS] 10 Trailers of Hayate the Combat Butler ハヤテのごとく!" 【旋風管家】

Upcoming Taiwanese drama "Hayate the Combat Butler" has released 10 (2 *new*) trailers to its anticipating viewers. The drama will start its broadcasting run on Taiwan cable TV channel "FTV" on June 19 Sunday at 9:40pm.

In the drama Shin Hye plays the role of rich girl Nagi (Xiao-Zi 小芷 in Chinese). Her voice is dubbed into Chinese.

Take a look at the trailer videos:


  1. oh i cant wait a month of our princess heart strings and hayate......thank you we pray she gets all success including green days as well god bless we love you princess psh

  2. JUne is really shinhye's month what with 2 dramas airing simultaneously in 2 countries plus an anime movie...hayate is sure funny and shinhye also looks good with george..i wish also for the success of this drama throughout Asia...RENCE

  3. hahahaha, Shin Hye is totally adorable in this drama. awww, brings back memories when we were at HTB. I miss Shin Hye so much.

  4. I hope also that the Cyrano sill be viewed in you tube... SHIN HYE... fighting!

    Keep your feet on the ground and let your testimony and acting speak.

    Give your best for the glory of our God!