Thursday, July 28, 2011

[NEWS] 'Heartstrings receives positive reviews from viewers - 'exciting'

Episode 8 of Heartstrings aired last night (July 27th) receives positive reviews from viewers. The overall ratings of the drama increased by 0.8% last night.

Because of Park Shin Hye's car accident last week, the script of Heartstrings undergo a 2nd script change with a new storyline of Shin Hye's character, Kyu Won, being admitted to hospital for leg injury treatment. This storyline is specially tailored for Park Shin Hye as she suffers leg injury in real life. 

The highlight of the episode is when Lee Shin(starring Jung Yonghwa) confronts a hospitalized Kyu Won with his bold confession: 'Do not stop liking me." Viewers swoon with excitement as this is the first time cold-hearted Lee Shin faces his true feelings and confesses to Kyu Won.

On the other hand, Kyu Won adopts a colder attitude towards Shin despite liking him to hide her feelings. Park Shin Hye's acting skills have received a lot of compliments from viewers, especially when she acts drunken scenes perfect adorableness.

The birthday party scene for Kyu Won also captures the attention of viewers. To celebrate Kyu Won's 21st birthday, members of The Stupid and the Invincible Wind Flowers throw a party for the birthday girl. The filming took place on the 1st day of Park Shin Hye's return to set after her accident. Staff of the drama said 'It is very difficult to tell whether the actors were acting or whether they were truly having a real party. They were celebrating Park Shin Hye's return to set as well.'

Episode 9 of Heartstrings will continue to unfold the developing loveline between Lee Kyu Won and Lee Shin as well as the progress of the preparations for the school's 100th Anniversary musical. There will also be a 'sweet seaside date' between the two leads featuring... watermelons :P

Please tune in to MBC at 9:55pm tonight for Heartstrings!

Video preview:

Kyu Won: What are you talking about...?

Kyu Won: Do you like me?

Kyu Won: Egotistic prince!
Kyu Won's Dad: THE egotistic...
Kyu Won: Dad!

Lee Shin: I don't need the gukak (traditional music) team's help anymore

Lee Shin: Never mind Lee Kyu Won, I also refuse. 

Teacher: Let's gather both teams and go on a trip!

Shin: I am only sitting here because there are no other empty seats
Shin: Against my will
Kyu Won: Against your will?!

Shin: Where is she....?