Friday, July 29, 2011

[NEWS] Jung Yonghwa's wish is for Park Shin Hye to fall for him in 'Heartstrings'

Source: Naver News

Jung Yonghwa firmly takes hold of Park Shin Hye's hand and confesses his love for her.

In Episode 9 of MBC drama 'Heartstrings', Lee Shin (starring Jung Yonghwa) finally faces his true feelings and confesses to Lee Kyu Won (starring Park Shin Hye) during their school training camp.

In the beginning of the episode, Lee Shin kneels down in front of an injured Kyu Won and says 'Please don't stop liking me' to which Kyu Won responds 'Why? Do you like me?'. Lee Shin stutters and fails to give an answer, which causes Kyu Won to angrily yell 'I am not your slave, you cannot play around with my feelings!'.

After the incident, Kyu Won remains cold towards Shin. However, during their training camp, Shin and Kyu Won are told to buy groceries together. On the way to the market, Kyu Won walks off by herself to buy medicine for her sickness, leaving a worried Shin to wander in the busy streets to look for her. When he finally does, Shin says in frustration 'Where were you? Have you got any idea how worried I was!'.

Back at the camp, everyone is having a wonderful time except for Lee Shin, who is still worried about Kyu Won's sickness. During an 'individual performance' activity,  Lee Shin plays the guitar and sings Jason Mraz's song 'Lucky', directing the lyrics to Kyu Won - 'Do you hear me? I am talking to you... I keep you with me in my heart...Lucky we are in love in every way...'

photoshop credit: limeisntsour

Lee Shin holds onto Kyu Won's hand and forbids her from performing: 'If you are in pain, I will be very worried.'

Later that night, Shin and Kyu Won sit in the dark talking about dreams. When asked what his dream is, Shin takes hold of Kyu Won's hand and says 'My wish is that.. you will fall for me again.'

The episode ends with the heart-fluttering confession of Shin, which foreshadows that Episode 10 will unfold the love-line between Shin and Kyu Won in full force.

After the broadcast last night, Shin Hye tweeted with a photo starring her new hairstyle:

July 28: "오늘 미용실에 가서 선생님께 "쌤~!! '넌 내게 반했어' 이규원 머리 해주세요!!" 했더니 정말 해주셨다!!역시 민희쌤은능력자>_<파마했어요이제 습한 날씨에 머리풀릴 걱정은 좀 덜 해도 될 것인가.."
Trans:  "Today went to the salon and told the hairstylist 'Please~!! I want 'Heartstrings' Lee Kyu Won's hair!!' really had it done professionally >_< Perm. Now I don't need to worry about the humid weather anymore as my hair is ready. I hope.."