Friday, July 1, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye has fallen for Won Bin - an interview


Looking at Park Shin Hye, we are always reminded of some kind of comical character in mangas set in the 21st Century - cute, carefree, determined yet innocent. In real life, being truthful to one's relationship is one of the many charms of Park Shin Hye.

In MBC new melodrama 'Heartstrings', Park Shin Hye's real-life personality is ineffably portrayed through her character Lee Kyu Won. She is comparable to an chameleon, who captivates the attention of others with her lovely, ever-changing charms. Because of her bubbly and boyish character, Park Shin Hye is always caught up in rumors with actors, with Jang Keun Suk and Jung Yonghwa being part of the list. In the interview below, Park Shin Hye speaks out about all the relationship drama:

1) Your character is a musical prodigy. In real life, your family is also talented in music.
Shin Hye: My dad is a professional saxophone player, and my mother can play the flute. Recently, my dad opened an applied music practice store in Pungnap-dong. My older brother is a guest singer for an electronic guitar group. Since middle school, he has been playing the guitar and neglecting his studies.

2) Viewers can see your gayageum skills starting from Episode 1 of 'Heartstrings'.
Shin Hye: I learned gayageum with a professor at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Now I can play some tunes. In the drama I play the gayageum in some scenes. The music that you hear in those scenes are pre-recorded ones of me playing the gayageum. ^^

3) Your singing in Episode 1 has become the centre of attention. Have you thought of becoming a singer?
Shin Hye: Right now I cannot be a singer. I want to focus on improving my acting skills. At this moment, I don't want to two-time singing and acting. Although I cannot release music albums as a singer, I hope that through the drama I can show a new side of me to viewers. Who knows? Maybe one day a Park Shin Hye album will be released.

4) You were awarded the Popularity Award at the 47th Paeksang Arts Awards.
Shin Hye: I heard that as soon as the online voting started, fans immediately started to vote for me nonstop. I am very grateful to my fans and i also feel indebted to them. I will try my best to meet everyone when the filming of the drama ends.

5) You received a bouquet from Jung Yonghwa and that's how the rumors started.
Shin Hye: Yonghwa is a very good friend of mine. After the Arts Award, he said to me "At the Paeksang Arts Awards, you were the only actress who received a bouquet from an actor." He supports me a lot. We are both Blood Type A people, so we understand each other very well. We can be very close friends, but we cannot be boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. Haha. For Keun Seuk oppa, we are only quite close friends. Believe it or not.

6) An actor that you want to film with.
Shin Hye: Undoubtedly Won Bin sanbae-nim. After watching his film 'The Man From Nowhere', I haven't seen another actor and have the feeling "Ah he is so handsome" hahaha. I am like a teenage girl spazzing about celebrities. I would love to film with him.

7) Your ideal-type.
Shin Hye: I like someone who is determined. Determined and at the same time very caring and considerate. Both my brother and father's heights are over 180cm, so I like tall people.

8) Natural beauty.
Shin Hye: I thought about having plastic surgery in the nose and chin area. Even some people close to me suggested me to have injections. But eventually I developed some feelings towards my outer appearance. Now I am satisfied with my natural appearance and have never thought about having plastic surgery again.

9) To Park Shin Hye, Lee Seung Hwan is...?
Shin Hye: He is the person who let me debut. I have had a lot of respect for him since I was in 6th grade. During my audition, he asked 'Who is your favourite singer and what is your favourite song?' I answered 'Kangta oppa's Polaris.' At that time, I had no idea who Lee Seung Hwan was. After Lee Seung Hwan sanbae-nim finished dealing with some things in the company, I left Dream Factory (Lee Seung Hwan's company). When I left, he told me to 'Go to a bigger world and see more things, learn more things.' After saying that, tears fell down on his face. I was very touched.

-The End-

Source: Nate News