Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye sheds tears at Taiwanese TV interview

The cast of Taiwanese drama ‘Hayate the Combat Butler’ guested on TV Show ‘Let’s Be Friends’ hosted by Taiwanese comedian Mickey Huang.

‘Hayate the Combat Butler’ is Korean actress Park Shin Hye’s first Taiwanese drama. Although there is a language barrier between her and her castmates, she filmed harmoniously with them.

During the interview, host Mickey Huang showed off to Park Shin Hye saying that he had interviewed her ‘You’re Beautiful’ castmates Lee Hongki and Jang Keun Seuk before, and was happy to have the chance to interview her.

The cast played a ‘present-exchange’ game during the interview. The seven cast members each prepared a personal present under the price $200 NT. Shin Hye got Jean Lee’s DIY postcard with a drama still. When Shin Hye got it, tears fell down her face. She said “I really miss everyone in Taiwan.”

Next, Mickey Huang tested Shin Hye’s Chinese language ability. He told her to say the following in Chinese: ‘Hello’, ‘Marry me’ and ‘You did a good job’. Her clear pronunciation of the words surprised him.

The cast wrapped up the interview by taking selcas. This episode of ‘Let’s Be Friends’ will be broadcast July 6, 11pm on Azio TV channel.