Friday, July 22, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye's MRI, CT scans 'ok', returns to filming

Good News! Shin Hye is currently recovering from her injuries!

Park Shin Hye was rushed to hospital on Monday, July 18, after being involved in a major car accident where more than 5 people were injured. She was pronounced to suffer from minor injuries and insisted on returning to filming on Wednesday. However, she was admitted to hospital during filming because of the after-effects of the accident - muscular pains in the neck and waist areas.

The hospital performed detailed MRI and CT scans on her. Results for both scans are 'All Clear'. She will return to filming her drama 'Heartstrings' earliest this weekend after some more rest.

Yesterday, she tweeted about her recovery progress and thanks fans for their love:

Translation: "Hello^^* This is Park ShinHye!! The first thing I wanted to announce is good news to everyone. It seems like I have caused the public to worry, so I'm dearly sorry. I'm currently recovering with the treatments I'm receiving so please don't worry.. I'll come back as the lovely bubbly Kyuwon soon. Thank you..^^"

Get well soon, Shin Hye!