Thursday, August 11, 2011

[LYRICS] 'Heartstrings 넌 내게 반했어' Jung Yonghwa - Comfort Song (웃어봐)


Give me a smile, Don’t be sad
It’s going to be alright. Don’t shed a tear
The song that I am singing now
I hope that it can bring you a bit of comfort

Give me a smile, Don’t get hurt
It’s going to be alright, although you are going through a hard time now
Time will pass
Everything will look up again

Give me a smile
I am right here by your side
I love you, can you hear my heart?
Close your eyes
No matter what, I believe you
I am always here for you

Give me a smile, look into my eyes
I love you, I have always been looking at your heart
It has never changed
You can lean on my shoulders
Take a rest,
Give me a smile.

I am here for you, 
me who believes in you 
always and forever.

Eng Lyrics translation credit: 
Park Shin Hye International Fanclub

웃어봐 슬퍼하지만 말고
괜찮아 눈물 흘리지 말고
지금 부르는 내 노래가
작은 위로가 되길 바래

웃어봐 아파하지만 말고
괜찮아 세상이 널 힘들게 해도
이 시간이 다 지나가면
모두 다 널 이해할거야

웃어봐 네 곁에 있잖아
사랑해 내 맘이 들리니
누가 뭐래도 널 믿고 있는
내가 함께 있잖아

웃어봐 내 눈을 바라봐
사랑해 널 사랑한(?) 맘은
변하지 않아 내 어깨 기대
잠시만 쉬면 돼


널 믿고 있는 내가 있잖아....