Monday, August 1, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye recovers from injuries with 'fighting spirit'

Actress Park Shin Hye is recovering from her injuries.

Earlier this month, Park Shin Hye was involved in a car accident and was hospitalized for 3 days before she could return to the drama set. Five persons, including Park Shin Hye, her two managers and coordis were immediately rushed to nearby hospital to receive treatments. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

As Park Shin Hye suffers neck and waist pains as a result of the accident, she is accompanied by on-set physical therapists during her drama filming after she was discharged from hospital.

A drama official stated "Park Shin Hye's commitment to her job is highly praised by drama staffs. A personal physical therapist is hired to accompany Park Shin Hye on set so she can receive consistent treatment while filming 'Heartstrings' (drama name)."

Park Shin Hye is said to be making progress in recovery with a 'fighting spirit'. 2 days ago, she tweeted fans thanking them for their love and concern:

"새삼 이런말 하기 부끄럽지만.. 별빛천사,신혜넷,박신혜IFC,욱끼들.. 고마워요. 나 이제 건강해지고있으니 너무 걱정말아요. 그리고.. 애정이 넘치는만큼 쓴소리도 많다는거 알아요.나도 애정이 넘치는만큼 가만있지는 않을테니..긴장타셈♥

Trans: I am embarrassed to suddenly say this.. Starlight angels, Shinhyenet, PSH_IFC ( , DC.. Thank you. Please do not worry, I am healthy again. And.. I know that as much love I'm receiving there are lots of bitter sayings. When this happens, as much love I am filled with, I am not going to stay still and be threatened by them so .. be careful!♥"