Friday, August 19, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye will start international activities after drama break

MBC drama 'Heartstrings' lead actress Park Shin Hye is reported to begin her international activities after her rest.

On 26th of August, Park Shin Hye will depart for Beijing for an Asian entertainment awards ceremony. She will be present as a Korean representative along with various other Korean stars. Shin Hye will be awards the 'Asia Star Award' at the ceremony.

In addition to that, Park Shin Hye's activities in Japan will also be scheduled after her break. Due to Park Shin Hye's rising popularity in Japan, the actress's agency is thinking of signing contracts with Japanese companies to promote Park Shin Hye through CF activities in Japan.

Park Shin Hye is currently taking a break from work after 4 months of intense drama filming. She will need to rest for her car accident wounds to fully recover before beginning future activities.


  1. Super like!!! Yes yes yes. I can't wait to see Shin Hye in Japan!! Rest well in the meantime. You've worked really hard. So proud of you. Love you lots.

  2. nice:) i hope in the philippines too

  3. I really love her!! she's my #1 idol!! I wish she could come here to LA.

  4. wat she got to an accident? she wasnt hurt bad was she?/ NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. we envy you MEE,hehehehe....just update us in your fb sistar....anyways, so nice to hear that shinhye will take a rest and its really good for her... God bless u Shinhye, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.....Thanks admin for the updates^^ ...yumi

  6. Please take a good rest Unnie. :)

    ps: Philippines loves you! <3 Fighting

  7. good to know that she'll be resting for a while before doing another project/activities...

    as much as i want to see her acting again, her health is my first concern...

    to her future projects... ill be looking forward in seeing it! ill wait!

    Shin Hye, fighting!! :)

    take care and God bless...

    PSH_IFC, chongmal kamsahamnida for the updates!!

  8. TAKE CARE SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU SHIN HYE <3 <3 ( n . o )0

  9. thanks for the great news..

    Take care, shinhye..May God bless you more..

  10. hiyee. . !!
    Take care unnie :D
    i hope sometime u can visit ur fans in INDONESIA .
    Indonesian love u ;)

  11. nice!!!!go,go shinhye!!we love you!!
    hope you'll visit us here in the philippines too:))


  12. shin hye unnie! FIGHTING! Finally you can rest :) Have a good break. Hope you can come to Singapore sometime :P

  13. Congratulations Shinhye & Yonghwa for the big success of Heartstrings. More projects to come. Wishing you good health and I hope you will visit Philippines too. We Love you Shinhye!!!

  14. please be with us here in the Philippines... we love to be with you!!!! :))

  15. Wonderful
    come to arab country please
    congratulation for heartstrings
    take care and have a nice rest wishing you good health and hapiness
    we are always waiting for More projects to come
    saragney Shin Hey

  16. Take care Park Shin Hye :)
    The belgian who like u too.

  17. Please take care of yourself and recover no matter what you do.And PLEASE know that we LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!~

  18. yunitta loveshinhye foreverAugust 20, 2011 at 12:56 AM

    break a lot of yes congratulations on your hard work for you is to our fans who always love you and support you always
    i love you forever part of my heart

  19. To all sukkiehye lover plz request by twitting @KBSWORLDTV #shinhye4loverain to be jang geun suk partners !

  20. Remember to eat right Park Shinhye~~~~
    Always take care of yourself!

  21. I LOVE THIS NEWS!!! =)
    if there's anyone who deserves international acclaim - for most improved performance, most persistent at work, most popular, most beautiful, most kind-hearted - it's Shin Hye!

  22. We need to see her smiling face always, and to do that, dear Shin Hye you need to rest. Okay? : )

    Till then, we'll await your next project!

    We love Heartstrings! Shin Hye and Yong Hwa, and the rest of the staff, worked hard. We are proud and thankful you've given us reasons to smile , cry, and laugh the whole drama period. The best! Daebak!

    Relax Shin Hye! Fighting ! -tet unnie

  23. shin hye loveeeeeee u..........

  24. i so love her!! hope to see more drama projects of her