Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[NEWS] Romance between Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa kicks start

The romantic story of Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye officially starts!

'I wish you will fall in love with me again!' - The sweet and volumetric confession of Lee Shin to Lee Kyu Won will give birth to the sweet relationship of the campus couple.

In the coming episodes of MBC drama 'Heartstrings' set to broadcast this week, Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa enjoy their first date together as Lee Kyu Won and Lee Shin. The 'Dooley Couple''s loveline will be potrayed through secret dates which highlight the duo's fresh and innocent charms.

It will be a new, eye cleansing experience. Viewers will feel jealous towards the cute couple but smile heartwarmingly in awe at the same time. Staff of producer JS Pictures stated: 'Many viewers have been looking forward to the romantic loveline development between Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa in the drama. Starting this week, many beautiful romantic scenes will portrayed in the episodes. Please give our drama a lot of support."

Episode 10 and 11 of 'Heartstrings' will broadcast on Wednesday & Thursday at 9:55pm on MBC.

Meanwhile, you can watch episode 10's video preview with english subtitles here:

* Why are they called the 'Dooley Couple'?

Why are Kyu Won and Lee Shin called "Dooley" couple? Here is the reason (credit: K-Starz):

Just before the drama went on air, a group of Shinhye fans at Shinhye Gallery at DC Inside threw ideas around what to call this couple. One of the names that came out during this "nickname the couple" session was "Dooley". 

The reason was that both Kyu Won and Shin shares a surname "Lee". In Korean, "dool" means "two". The fans thought that "dool Lee" had a nice ring to to. The makers of "Heartstrings" who were browsing around fansites noiced the nickname "dool Lee" and thought to use that name as unofficially official (!^^) nickname for this couple and the news reporters ran with the nickname as well. So, the couple nickname of "Dool Lee", or in an English way of speaking "Dooley", was born. It actually came from a Korean meaning of "two Lee". 


  1. this is really great..
    im looking forward for these episodes...

    im sooooo excited.... >_<

    full support for Heartstrings here in the Philippines!!

    go Shin Hye & Yong Hwa, fighting!!!!

    we love you!!!!!! ^_^

    for episode 10 preview....

    It's okay if all the girls who like you will pull my hair, the most important thing is that, it is my hands that you are holding right now.... >_< (giggles)

  2. i love this drama very much,,,,
    full sopport for heartstrings here in the indonesia!!!!!
    i love heartstrings drama and shine hye & yong hwa.fighting,,,,,,

  3. OMG...i just didn't imagine that this couple will have that electrifying chemistry...i used to be a sukkiehye shipper until MMM...they are such a darling and i love those intense stares...

    just can't wait anymore...RENCE

  4. OMG! Minnesota (USA) girls looking forward to these up coming episodes..

  5. These people really know how to make a fan anxious with waiting. I think this is the very highlight moment everyone's been waiting for. I wonder how intimate scenes will be handled... I just can't seem to imagine this couple in anything other than a sweet, innocent love story.

  6. Can't wait for episode 10!
    I want my own lee shin!
    Their onscreen chemistry is daebak!
    Supporting heartstring to the nth power! All the way from san diego california USA!

  7. my heart keeps sinking every time he gives that look lol, thats through a screen i feel sorry for park shin hye its really hard to resist those looks lol….. cute couple

  8. THIS is DAEBAK!their chemistry is just so amazing....one more day and HS day!

  9. oh i just cant waiti wanna watch it right now but i will wait intel tomowro

  10. lovely! my heart melted..i hope Shin would serenade Kyu Won :)

  11. omg...the way he looked at her so sweet..hehehe..Dooley Couple fighting !!!

  12. i don't want this series to end..kyaaaa~~~what an amazing chemistry these two have^^

  13. i didn't know if im only one who feel this way yonghwa act natural.,they look real lover,i watch huge of drama before but this is the only drama gave me the real feelings,i thought shinhye and gyuwon,lee shin and yonghwa are the same ...my imaginary exploding to my HEAD kekeke...

    heartstrings fighting
    i want more cute and sweet scene from my FAVORITE LOVER kekekeke

  14. OMG the whole world seems experience earthquake because of this COUPLE...heheheh


  15. seem like Yong Hwa really in love with Shin Hye...he acts naturally towards Shin Hye, i wanna them to become a real couple hehe...i always thought that Yong Hwa & Shin Hye not Lee Shin & GyuWon..Love from Malaysia :)

  16. Thanks for the information. Although I am Korean, I had no idea why They are called "Dooley couple". Two Lees(Dooley), Very interesting. This drama becomes really sweet and exciting as weeks go on. Thanks for all the translating work and postings.:-D

  17. Hmmm...
    YongSeo Couple or ShinHwa Couple
    Its okay... I'm a fan of both

  18. this drama is boring and sucks

  19. So wats ur problem?..
    if you hate it so much then quit watching the drama
    no one is forcing you to watch it

  20. i love this drama..and the couple ...

  21. yonghwa @ shinhye, the real couple i think u guys are inlove i can see in my eyes!!!!!!!!! wedding bells!!!!!!!!

  22. So Amazing Couple ♥♥ They Make Me Dreaam *_*