Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[NEWS] What happened on Jeju Island? Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa's 1st fated meeting uncovered

The mystery behind the fated meeting of MBC drama Heartstrings' 'romantic campus couple' Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye will be uncovered.

In the beginning of  'Heartstrings', Gayageum prodigy Lee Gyu Won (starring Park Shin Hye)  and guitar genius Lee Shin (starring jung Yonghwa) both went to Jeju Island for their respective reasons. Unprecedentedly, they met by fate on the beautiful island which paved way to their young innocent relationship.

Lee Shin was riding on a bike for a freelance trip on Jeju Island while Gyu Won was there because of her grandpa's business meeting. The two were taking a stroll around the seaside themselves when they saw each other. Lee Shin snapped a photo of Gyu Won.

Afterward, the two were involved in a 'slave contract' in school. But the hatred towards each other gradually turned into appreciation and affection as the 100th anniversary school musical draws near. In today's episode of 'Heartstrings' (episode 12), the blurry memory of their first fateful meeting on Jeju Island will fall into pieces like puzzles. The uncovering of the memory will bond the two together strongly.

At the same time, Park Shin Hye's character is deeply scarred by the evil intentions of the persons in charge of the musical performance. To show his loving support for her, Lee Shin gives her a couple necklace. He will also hold a surprise mini concert and present to his girlfriend a 'comfort song', in hopes of calming her fears. He will also surprise her with a kiss.

The 12th episode of Heartstrings will air tonight at 9:55pm on MBC.

Source: OSEN News

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