Saturday, August 27, 2011

[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Park Shin Hye at LeTV Entertainment Awards

Park Shin Hye arrived in Beijing today to attend the annual LeTV Entertainment Awards. She was invited to represent her country in this award ceremony as well as received an award herself. Tonight Park Shin Hye arrived at the event dressed all in black in an empire style dress looking very elegant and classy. 

Fan pictures of Park Shin Hye during the red carpet event:

Tonight Park Shin Hye won the Asian Popular Female Star Award. Congratulations Shin Hye!! We're so happy for you. A true Hallyu Star!!! We're so proud of you!!!

After receiving her award, she was interviewed by LeTV. Here is a clip of her interview.

In the interview, Shin Hye said she might have another project by the end of the year. Please look forward to it!!!

Earlier today when she arrived many of her Chinese fans were at the airport to welcome her. Here are more pictures and videos of her arrival.

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  1. Congrats Shin Hye.
    Lee Kyu Won was amazing. I miss her so much..
    Keep it up. Praying for you!

  2. Congratulation, Shin Hye. Be the best always.. God Bless

  3. she's Lee Kyu Won's hair...congrats shin hye

  4. I can't wait to see what she will do next, drama or movie. Congrats again Shin Hye. You deserve everything that comes your way. You are such a hardworker!!! Love you. Stay beautiful and humble always.

  5. Congratulation Shin Hey we're so happy for youand so proud of you, you deserve it and more waiting for your next project Saragney.

  6. Congatulations, so proud of deserve all those awards and recognition...Wishing you the best..RENCE

  7. You're amazing and truly a could definitely shine brighter on your glad to know that your award is thru HS and knowing what you went thru during its're still KW in those pix..missing HS and the dooleys, so im looking forward for your next project..Saranghae

  8. I did not like Park Shin dress during the ceremony that he felt the thirties is still better to have a young soft-short dresses, but with all conditions and situations are very beautiful and soft and I like nothing more than the make-up is smooth and beautiful nature

  9. Congatulations Shin Hye...
    She is already deserve this award...
    Best regards...