Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[SCANS] 『美男<イケメン>ですね』公式写真集 You're Beautiful TJMOOK Photobook

Book title: 『美男<イケメン>ですね』公式写真集 
You're Beautiful Official Photobook (TJMOOK)
Release Date: 8.22.2011
No. of Pages: 79
Buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.jp/YAB

*Click on the photos to view full size*

Special thanks to Mee for scanning! 


  1. Shinwoo <3 hahaha

  2. thank you! thank you! thank you!

    mwah! mwah! mwah!

    i miss ANJell!!!

    so why of the three boy's solo pictures does only one have a combo picture with Shin Hye? no no no! two combo pictures with Shin Hye in fact! guess whooooooooooooo???

    naughty! naughty!

    its okay am just being a tease!

    love all their pictures! thank you miss mee!!!

  3. This drama never grows old. It is still so beautiful!!! Thank you very much for sharing this.

    I will never forget to credit you! Thanks again!

  4. OMG..im so proud do be an ANJELL fan..still so popular..and individually the 4 of them are doing great..wish Mook will do the same for HS and the dooley couple...nice to see YH and shinhye here..just miss HS also..peace and cheers

  5. wow..the anjells are back..

    SHINWOO (aka Lee shin), i miss you with MINAM
    (aka Kyu Won)....

  6. love it so much miss them you're beautiful still the best

  7. very funny & cute X)

  8. thank you for share this. i likes this series. i want to have it. :)

  9. You're Beautiful!!! Nothing can beat it. Still the best forever and ever!!! Not only the drama but also their friendship after the drama end. They support each other. I don't think the casts of other dramas have this kind relationship. ANJELL..... superb!!

  10. YAB is number 1 in dramacrazy upon 2015 dramas! This is the drama that i accidentally watched and i got hooked by that.