Sunday, September 25, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye Departs to Ghana in Boyish Airport Fashion

Actress, Park Shin Hye was dressed up in a boyish style at the airport.

On September 24, 2:56PM, through her Twitter she announced that she was leaving for Ghana and asked her fans to wish them a safe trip. She posted a photo along with the status, “I am departing to see Ahbenne. Please wish us all a safe trip.”
In the photo, she isn’t radiating an elegant feel but is radiating boyish charm. She looks as if she is well-dressed up for volunteer work. Black is the most dominant colour of her airport fashion, giving boyish and chic feel, along with the hunting-cap which also adds to the boyish feel. Her red backpack adds to the vivacious image and feel, which she already has.
Netizens who have seen this photo have said, “This is the true volunteer work fashion,” “Hwaiting! It is going to be a long and tiring trip!” or “The inner side is as pretty as her beautiful appearance!”
Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is working as the honorary ambassador of Food for the Hungry and is participating in the 2011 food aid campaign, ‘STOP HUNGER’ in Ghana. 
Park Shin Hye has starred in a youth melodrama, “Heartstrings” with Jung Young Hwa which has finished airing on August 18 with 15 episodes.
Source: Nate News, Soompi

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