Monday, October 17, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye signs with Japanese agency IMX

Actress Park Shin Hye signs with Japanese entertainment agency IMX (Interactive Media Mix) for full-fledged entry into the Japanese market.

According to agency officials, Park Shin Hye signed with IMX on 14th this month when the actress made a short trip to Yokohama, Japan.

"Park Shin Hye has become immensely popular in Japan after the broadcast of drama You're Beautiful (2009). To prepare for her activities in Japan, we feel the need to sign with professional entertainment company IMX," IMX will be in charge of Park Shin Hye's project promotions as well as model managemenl, empowering the actress for her full-fledged activities in Japan.

IMX is a well-known agency in Japan. The agency boasts multiple talented Korean stars under its wing, including Bae Yong Joon, Lee Min Ho, Son Ye-Jin, Ahn Jae Wook, Ji Sub So... etc. IMX has gained praise for assisting Bae Yong Joon's entry into the Japanese market in 2004 for his big-hit drama 'Winter Sonata", making the Korean actor the #1 Hallyu star in Japan. With its professional experience, IMX is confident in paving way for Park Shin Hye's potential entry into the Japanese market.

Park Shin Hye is recently seen in Hallyu drama 'Heartstrings' (2011). In September, she participated in a volunteer program hosted by non-profit organization Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI), delivering food aid to people in need in Ghana, South Africa. She is currently attending university for her academic studies.

Read about Park Shin Hye's arrival in Japan last week here:


  1. wow! *throws confetti in the air*

    i hope and pray for more success for her in japan! and if the drama gods permit, i would love to see her in a serious j-drama. =)

  2. So happy for her. She deserves this blessing. I wanna see her paired with Yamapi. *squeals*

    I remember her series Tree of heaven, she did well, speaking in Japanese.

    Ganbatte Shin Hye!!!

  3. No wonder she's learning Japanese! i hope Heartstrings will become a hit in Japan, too! Hmmm...AnJells in their individual capacity are making waves in Japan even after YAB!

  4. so happy for her!

    go go go park shin hye!

  5. Go Park Shin Hye!
    we are always here for you! :D
    we hope and wish you success in Japan! :3

  6. thanks for this article...

    I'm so happy for Shinhye..
    "What you reaped, you sow" and this is so true to Shinhye.She really worked so hard and sacrificed so much just so she could be to where she is now.I believe that she deserves the best of everything. Shinhye, Good luck and may God Bless you! TATA

  7. this is so great and we all backing you up you can be a big star in japan for you are an angel and everyone loves angels.........she will be very successful in all markets she breaks in to and that is our prayer for more blessings for our princess psh