Thursday, October 20, 2011

[PRESS RELEASE] Park Shin Hye signs with IMX and starts activities in Japan

Interactive Media Mix Inc. (IMX, Head Office:Minato-mirai Yokohama-City CEO:孫一亨), as a Japanese agency has signed a contract with the popular Korean actress Park Shinhye who has popularities among both men and women and in both Japan and Korea.

Park Shinhye got her smash hit with the drama “You are beautiful” in which she costarred with Jang Keunsuk as a heroine. She is also gaining high popularity as a new queen of Hallyu in Japan. Her newest drama “Heartstrings” is also getting a favorable notice, and she has been solidifying her position as one of the most popular young actress in Korea. A spokesperson for Park Shinhye’s agency says, “We decided to sign a contract with IMX since Park became very popular in Japan, and we thought we needed a management in Japan.” They are expecting development of (C) IMX.Inc. & 4HIM in Japan.

Park Shinhye has a pretty face like a doll, outstanding acting skill (which is too good to be at her age 21), singing prowess and also talent of dancing. A multi-talented entertainer, Park Shinhye will surely show us her new faces and attract us.

Before an announcement of her new start in Japan, Park Shinhye came to Japan in the beginning of this month (October), and got offered by many media and had interviews.  

Furthermore, her first Japanese official HP www.parkshinhye.jphas opened. Through the contents such as pictures and moving images, it will inform you her newest activities. Please expect next generation Hallyu queen, a talented and popular actress Park Shinhye’s progress!   Park Shinhye Japanese Official

*There is no signup link at the official site yet but you can sign up for their "mail magazine" (newsletter).

Translated from Japanese to English by ozbussi