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[NEWS] Park Shin Hye is struggling to balance her academics and her busy schedule

On November 28th, actress Park Shin Hye confessed that she’s facing difficulties juggling both her academics and her life as an actress.
Park Shin Hye tweeted, “Ever since I became a college student, this semester has really been the worst.”
The actress continued, “I should’ve just taken [academic] leave and travelled. My tuition fee has gone to such waste. I said to myself that even if it was hard, I’d keep it in and do whatever I could to keep going, but I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to do anything right now. Rest… The only thing I need right now is rest.”
Park Shin Hye is currently a student at Joong Ang University as a Theater and Film major. In these recent weeks, Park Shin Hye has been traveling back and forth to fulfill both her overseas promotions and attend classes.
What seemed like a bright smile from the outside was in fact a facade to cover her true struggles within.
Concerned netizens replied with supportive messages like, “Be strong, Shin Hye”, “It’s not like you’ve been neglecting your studies because you’ve been out partying, so don’t be so disappointed,” and “The fact that she’s sacrificing so much for her career right now proves she’s a true actress”.
Source: TV Report via Naver
Credit: allkpop

Sunday, November 27, 2011

[FAN ACCOUNT] Park Shin Hye says goodbye to Japan

Last night I had such a wonderful dream. I was at the airport and I was sitting down talking to her and I asked her for some things. It was such an awesome dream. And I am so happy to say that it came true! Thanks Shin Hye!

Anyways, today Shin Hye left Japan to go back to Korea after arriving on Friday as a guest for JKS's concert. Myself, along with three Japanese fans met in Haneda mid morning and waited for Shin Hye and her team to arrive. This is the greatest thing about being Shin Hye fans; when you meet another, there is no awkwardness between you. Everyone is so nice and friendly. That was what happened.

So we waited and waited and it was almost time her flight time. We got so worried that Shin Hye might have arrived early and already went inside to her gate. We waited anxiously and walked back and forth to see if we could spot her. We talked to pass the time. Everyone was so nervous. We couldn't help saying how fast our hearts were beating and how nervous we were!

Yuki was the tallest of the four of us and she was the one who spotted Shin Hye and her team arriving. We looked and sure enough it was them. We grabbed our things and ran toward them since we were waiting by the check-in counters. I held up the banner that we've lost on Friday (Yuki went and got it back-it was in the lost and found) and Shin Hye and her team saw us. Shin Hye was so beautiful in an all black attire with her sunglasses and red scarf again. She looks sooo good in red!

When we went to Shin Hye, it was only the four of us but then out of nowhere, there were so many people crowding around. My friends asked for her autograph and she kindly gave it to them. We were going to take a photo together but since there were many people there, the idea was abandoned. I felt really sorry because I kinda hogged her time. So sorry!!! And thank you so much!

While Shin Hye was signing autographs for my friends, I talked to one of her team members in Japan. We talked and I told her where I was from. I love her team. They are so nice! I then told Shin Hye that I was at the concert and that I screamed I love her and her name. She looked at me kinda funny. HAHAHHAA. I know I'm super crazy.

And of course being me, I couldn't think of anything to say except how beautiful she was! Hehehehehe. Well I did tell her that she did great during the concert and she was a little shy about it. She was so cute!

Because I hogged her time, she was rushed to the check-in counter (SO SORRY!). As she entered the check in area, I asked her for a quick photo. She was soooo pretty!!!!

We waited at a good distance as we watch she and her team check in. When they were done, they walked to the departure gate which was just across from the check-in counter. We waved and said bye to her and she waved back and smiled. I said bye to Joa and her manager unni and they waved and smiled back. We watched as her team went through security and I said good bye to her one last time and told her, see you soon. She turned back and smiled and waved at us. Then we watched as they rounded the corner and was gone.

After Shin Hye went into the gate, she updated her blog:

Trans: Going back to Korea. Thank you everyone for coming to airport. I had a lot of fun yesterday. See you soon goodbyev(^_^v)♪"

I miss Shin Hye so much already. She's such a wonderful person that you can never get enough of seeing.

Read more about Shin Hye's trip to Tokyo this time:
1. 111126 Arrival in Japan http://www.shinhye.org/2011/11/fanaccount-park-shin-hye-arrives-at.html
2. 111127 Jang Keun Suk's concert - 'The Beginning' http://www.shinhye.org/2011/11/photos-park-shin-hye-guests-in-jang.html

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Guests in Jang Keun Suk's Japan Concert

Today Park Shin Hye along with three others guested in Jang Keun Suk's Tokyo Dome concert called "The Beginning." Shin Hye was invited along with the other guys as part of Jang Keun Suk's "Friends" section.  Each of the guests got two numbers each to do.

Before the show started, We saw Shin Hye's manager unni with a guy. They were trying to find a seat. Our friend made a fan with Shin Hye's pictures on it and so we waved the fan and caught her attention. We shouted to her, hi unni! She saw and smiled back. And then she took a photo of us and the fan soon after.

In the middle of the show, we came to the "Friends" section.

As Jang Keun Suk and his friend went backstage, the lights dimmed and suddenly everyone looked toward the stage in the middle of the arena area. There Shin Hye stood! She had risen from below the stage. Music began and she sang, "Lovely Day." The stadium chimed in as everyone has seen "You're Beautiful" and was familiar with the song. Shin Hye sang, smiled, and waved to everyone. She walked down the stage aisle singing and waving. She was absolutely GORGEOUS!! Her hair was straight and she wore a mini black dress and black boots that came almost to her knees. There are no words to describe how beautiful she looked. It was too bad the seat was a bit far. I had to look at the screen to see her beautiful person closely.

We couldn't contain ourselves. We screamed and screamed, "Shin Hye, I love you!!!" over and over again, leaving our neighbors deaf. It was so wonderful! Shin Hye was full of energy! We were singing and dancing along. It was so fun! I kept jumping up and down, screaming. It was crazy!!! Crazy fun! Shin Hye was just wonderful! When she's on stage, she takes everyone's attention. She shines like a real princess. We love her so much!!!

Then when she was finished with "Lovely Day," she stood looking at the crowd and then a light shone on someone on the main stage. It was Jang Keun Suk. He called her by Go Mi Nam and then squinted and said Go Mi Nyu. 

After their short conversation, they went into a duet and sang "Still." That brought back many wonderful memories of last year when we were at the ANJELL and ANSHOW fanmeetings. We got sad and nostalgic. Everyone stood up and danced and sang along. It was kinda sad cause it goes to show how much we missed Shin Hye on stage and singing "Still" and "You're Beautiful." Nevertheless it was fun and exciting to sing and dance along with the two. When the song ended, they shook hands and almost went into a hug but stopped because the eels will get jealous.

And so we watched as Shin Hye walked away back to the main stage and backstage. Even if she only did two numbers, she was wonderful and we had an amazing time. She was so fully of energy and exciting. A born performer! Shin Hye, everyone would love if you have your own concert soon!!!! There will be so many wanting to see you at your own concert!

And so it ended, Shin Hye's part and my throat hurt from all the screaming I did. LOL.

Shin Hye was amazing as always. And it was always a joy to see her on stage and performing. See you again soon, Shin Hye!!! We love you so much!!!!!

Fan account of arrival
Fan account of departure 

Friday, November 25, 2011

[FAN ACCOUNT] Park Shin Hye Arrives at Haneda Airport, JAPAN

Today, November 25, Park Shin Hye arrived at Haneda airport looking absolutely stunning. From the way she smiled and her energy, you wouldn't think she was up all night hosting the 2011 Melon Music Awards.

Leaving home, I met up with a friend and together we went to Tokyo where I bought some Tokyo Bananas for our wonderful Mr. Jun. The train was unusually crowded since it was well past rush hour. But we persisted and on we went to Haneda airport. When we arrived there, we met two other friends that were already there. Seeing that we had about two hours, we went to grab a quick lunch because as we all know, you can't fangirl on an empty stomach!

Soon after, we were met up by PSHJP! By then we had only an hour before Shin Hye's flight landed so we headed back to the arrival gate. When we got downstairs, there were many people there. Turns out that arriving on the same flight as Shin Hye was Kim Hyun Joon and later, Kang Ji Hwan. We were so happy when his fans were moved to a reserved section leaving the whole gate empty and to ourselves. Hehehe. There we waited and was joined by a young Shin Hye fan. Earlier I handed out pictures PSHIFC took during the ANJELL FM and everyone had a picture of it out waiting for Shin Hye and to ask her for an autograph.

Our nerves were haywired and our hearts were pounding nonstop as if we've ran a marathon. It was exciting yet very nerve wracking. The arrival screen said 4:00 arrival time, then 4:05. Soon it was 4:05 and we became very anxious and eager to see her.

About 30 minutes after the arrival time, who should we see walked out but Manager Jun Hwan?! He had a trolley with suitcases. He rolled it out and set it to the side. I walked over to Manager Jun and I handed him the HUGE box of Mary Chocolate (trust me, it was huge! My arms are still sore). I told him that it was heavy and the Tokyo Bananas were for him. He said OK! Then he had to go make a very important call.

I saw Joa and went to talk to her to see how she was doing. She was all better from the accident this summer. I told her Karen and I went to Korea and we didn't see her and we missed her.

Not long after that, Shin Hye walked out. I was distracted for a bit and then I heard the fans and there she really was! walking out of Immigration. Her hair was down and curly; she had her red scarf around her neck and a long wool parka. She looked amazingly beautiful! I couldn't stop saying how beautiful she was!!

I hastened (cause that's what I do) toward Shin Hye and handed her the very lovely and cute teddy bear bouquet we've ordered for her! She looked very happy and said thank you and that it was cute. Then she gave me a hug and I hugged her back. I asked her to sign for our site soon after.

There were about 10 fans there and everyone got Shin Hye's autograph. Everyone was very happy and Shin Hye was very happy. She was smiling the whole time. Fans wanted to shake her hand and she shook theirs. Although many crowded around her, no one was pushing or shoveling or hurting Shin Hye.

Then we walked toward the elevator and I told Shin Hye that I got a ticket to the concert tomorrow and that I will see her. She said, Oh, and smiled. I asked her for a pose and she smiled and did a peace sign but as we were walking and they needed to go, the picture didn't turn out quite as nice, but it's still beautiful. As she entered the elevator, we waved and said goodbye. She waved and said goodbye too. Then they went down.

Shin Hye's young fan was overcome with tears. She was very happy and I was very glad she was able to see Shin Hye in person and get her autograph.

Then we walked down to the taxi area and waved goodbye to Shin Hye and shouted we love her. We watched as her van drove away.

Everyone was very happy. We were seriously on a happy pill because we couldn't stop smiling at all. It was such a wonderful and happy day. I met many new wonderful people and am glad I was able to share this experience with them.

I can't stop saying this, but Shin Hye is so wonderful! She's so beautiful and that beauty shines from inside her heart all the way out.

Tomorrow is the JKS' concert and PSH_IFC will be present to represent Shin Hye fans!!!! Can't wait to see what she has in store for all of us!!! Good luck Shin Hye!! We love you so much!!!!

(She signed this for all PSHIFC members)

 (Teddy bear bouquet and Mary Chocoloate for Shin Hye)


Monday, November 21, 2011

[VIDEO] Park Shin Hye's congratulatory message to '2012 Tokyo Girls Collection in Shanghai'

The 2012 Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show was held in Shanghai, China on November 17 2011. Actress Park Shin Hye, despite not being in attendance, recorded a video message which was played during the fashion show. 

*Please click "CC" for English subtitiles

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[PSHIFC] Where are Shin Hye's fans from? | Analytics

A frequently asked question we get from both Shin Hye's team and fans is:

"Where are Shin Hye's fans from?"

Since our opening in December 2009, Park Shin Hye International Fanclub(PSHIFC) has strived to unite fans from all over the world together and bring latest information about the actress to people who love her.

Park Shin Hye's fans are from 170+ countries, with most residing in the Philippines, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada and South Korea (Top 10). 

In other words, Park Shin Hye International Fanclub is truly an INTERNATIONAL fanclub. Our members from near and far, from all parts of the world, from big countries to small islands.

For that, PSHIFC is truly grateful. We would like to say thank you to each and every one of you. We look forward to getting to know you more through supporting actress Park Shin Hye and through working on future projects together!

The final question of the day is "Where are you from?"
Let us know by commenting on this post! No matter how far you are, we can 'see' you!^^

*Each number on the data below represents a unique IP address. Eg. 12,523 visits from Korea means 12,523 people from Korea have visited this site. 

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[NEWS] Park Shin Hye to guest at Jang Keun Suk's concert in Japan

Actress Park Shin Hye is confirmed to be a guest at You're Beautiful costar Jang Keun Suk's concert on November 26 2011.

The concert, called 'Prince World'「プリンスワールド」, which will be held at Tokyo Dome, Japan, will accommodate a large audience of 45,000. According to official sources, all the tickets were sold out within a short time on starting day.

"Prince World"「プリンスワールド」, which is self-directed by Jang Keun Suk, will showcase an imaginary prince-dom in paintings and 3D. Fans will have a chance to look at the prince's bedroom, club, reception room...etc.

Jang Keun Suk has also invited his celebrity friends to guest star at the concert, including JOOSUK, Big Brother, Verbal Jint and Park Shin Hye.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is set to MC the 2011 Melon Music Awards on November 24, and will perform the opening dance with 100 backup dancers.

Source: Innolife Japan

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[MAGAZINE] Park Shin Hye in <韓FUN> Vol. 29

“Foray to Japan―challenging actress, singer, dance and MC.” 

Shedding her cute image and going into a new world.

Park Shin Hye (age 21), the actress who gained popularity from the mega- hit drama YAB, signed a contract with a Japanese management agency IMX in October and starts her full-activities in Japan. She is a young actress who gains attention with her lovely appearance and her high quality acting skill. The interview took place at the studio in Yokohama. She talked about her thought about her activities in Japan and about the mini reunion with co-stars of YAB. 

Q You signed a contract with a management agency
IMX. Would you tell us your feelings? 
PSH: Since through the drama YAB, I’m getting a lot of love from Japanese people, I’ve been feeling sorry for not having come to Japan and greet to everyone earlier. To be closer to everyone, I’m working through IMX. I’ve just opened my official HP and blog site. I want to meet everyone at any time. 

Q: You did MC at the Dream concert in Gyeongju. How do you think what your direction of your activities in
Japan will be? 
PSH: Well, of course I want to show myself as an actress, but I want to try MC as well. If there is an opportunity, I want to see everyone as a MC of concerts or such events. 

Q: How’s your Japanese study going? 
PSH: I had to interrupt when I was filming the drama and the movie, so it hasn’t improved so much. But now I have new company (mates)-IMX, so I want to study harder. 

Q: Your co-stars in YAB ( Jang Keunsuk, Lee Hongki and Jung Yonghwa) have already broken through as stars. What is your game plan to appeal in
Japan? Like debuting as a singer? 
PSH: I want to dance. Everyone’s images of me are lovely and pure, but I want to show powerful parts of me. I like dancing, so I want to try many kinds of dance. I would like to do activities as a singer, if I have a chance. Though, I need so many practices and preparations for that. 

Q: Would you tell us your impression of Japan
PSH: It’s very beautiful and warms my heart. I got the impression that it is neatly and beautifully built. Houses and buildings were also beautiful. And people were very kind to me, so that was impressive. 

Q: Are there any favorite places or food (in Japan)? 
PSH: I like “Ramen” (noodle). I like “Tonkotsu” (flavor of Ramen). My friend often goes to a Ramen shop in Hondae, Seoul, whose owner is Japanese. So I have been there too. And I like hot springs too. This winter, I want to go on hot spring trip. 

Q: Do you cook? Is there any food you cook well? 
PSH: I can cook. I can cook “Jigae(찌개)”. Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개), doenjang jjigae(된장 찌개), 닭볶음탕- It’s like Jjigae soup with chicken and김치찜 (steamed Kimchi) are my repertories. 

Q: Do you cook Japanese food? 
PSH: I cook Japanese curry. I like eating, so I want to try Japanese Jjigae (pot) too. 

― There will be YAB reunion regularly 

In October, Shinhye tweeted about the YAB reunion with a photo. And it got big reactions. 

Q: Did you guys have a YAB reunion? 
PSH: There was a suggestion of meeting after the Chuseok (추석) ended, and someone said “ How about next Friday?”, then we met. That day (Oct.7) was the date when YAB first broadcasted 2 years ago (by chance). Since Jang Kuensuk ssi was at the Pusan international film festival on that day, he was missing. But I met with the director, Jung Yonghwa ssi and Lee Hongki ssi in Seoul. We took a picture of us, and I put it on twitter. Many of fans were happy. 

Q: Do you guys sometimes meet each other? Do you want to have reunions in future too? 
PSH: We meet individually and separately, but didn’t have opportunities to gather often. We spend time as good friends, so we may meet sometimes not only memorial days. 

Q: What opened you up to be an actress? 
PSH: I wanted to be a singer a long time ago. But there was a lack of expression, so I started to study acting at the same time. Then my acting teacher advised me to be an actress not a singer, and to debut. 

Q: Do you like singing? 
PSH: I like singing, but not as good as a real singer. 

The theory of acting― learning from “the teacher” 

Long-lasting figure 

Q: Is there any ideal actress? 
PSH: There is an actress whom we call “teacher”, Ko Doo-sim (고두심). She is called “mother” by every viewer and every audience, has an impression of a heartwarming personality and has best acting skills in Korea. She has changeless warmth and always shows us cool figure. I have an opportunity to work with her once (in the drama "Kimchi Radish Cubes). I want to be an actress who can work for a long time like her. 

Q: Do you have any favorite Japanese actors or actresses? 
PSH: So many. I like Yu Aoi (蒼井優), Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣), Juri Ueno (上野樹里) and Yu Yamada(山田優). I watch many Japanese movies and dramas. I had no chance to watch these days, but watched many last year. 

Q: What kind of roles do you want to try? 
PSH: I like police dramas and political dramas. So, I want to try a police role too.

Q: Could you tell us your plans in the near future?
PSH: I'm going to university, so I may restart my activities in the beginning of next year. I'm looking at scripts of dramas and movies. I'm considering a lot what suits to my age and can show my new faces. So now I have a kind of a hard time deciding what to choose. 

Q: Would you tell us your ambition for activities in Japan?
PSH: I think through the drama YAB, many people have images (of her) such as cute and beloved. From now on, I want to be a role model for all women. Sometimes like a close friend and sometimes like a daughter for them. I want to be in Japanese dramas and movies. 

Q: Please give messages to fans in Japan
PSH: I am sorry that I was late to come. I should have come here earlier. I will come to Japan a lot to see you. I will work hard to be loved more, so please support me. 

As the interviewer told Shinhye stepping into a new world "I will come to interview again", she said "Thank you" in Japanese with shiny eyes. 

The time is coming soon when we see her various activities.

HUGE thanks to ozbussi!!!!!!

Take out with proper credits to PSHIFC/ozbussi

Translated by ozbussi

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[MAGAZINE] 11.11.11 Park Shin Hye in (ケー★スターラバーズ)

In the interview of the Japanese magazine K☆STARLOVERS vol.3, Shinhye was asked whether she wears feminine clothes like she wore in the drama "Heartstrings." She answered “No, thinking about health, I wear sneakers instead of high-heeled shoes. I even wear sneakers with short skirts and short pants.”

The interview seems to be held when she was shooting for "Heartstrings." Shinhye was asked “What do you want at this moment?” Her answer was “Red bag and PC.”

Shinhye’s favorite fashion brand is POLHAM (Korean brand) because their clothes are feminine but at the same time mannish. 


Translated and summarized by ozbussi for PSH_IFC