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[MAGAZINE] Park Shin Hye in <韓FUN> Vol. 29

“Foray to Japan―challenging actress, singer, dance and MC.” 

Shedding her cute image and going into a new world.

Park Shin Hye (age 21), the actress who gained popularity from the mega- hit drama YAB, signed a contract with a Japanese management agency IMX in October and starts her full-activities in Japan. She is a young actress who gains attention with her lovely appearance and her high quality acting skill. The interview took place at the studio in Yokohama. She talked about her thought about her activities in Japan and about the mini reunion with co-stars of YAB. 

Q You signed a contract with a management agency
IMX. Would you tell us your feelings? 
PSH: Since through the drama YAB, I’m getting a lot of love from Japanese people, I’ve been feeling sorry for not having come to Japan and greet to everyone earlier. To be closer to everyone, I’m working through IMX. I’ve just opened my official HP and blog site. I want to meet everyone at any time. 

Q: You did MC at the Dream concert in Gyeongju. How do you think what your direction of your activities in
Japan will be? 
PSH: Well, of course I want to show myself as an actress, but I want to try MC as well. If there is an opportunity, I want to see everyone as a MC of concerts or such events. 

Q: How’s your Japanese study going? 
PSH: I had to interrupt when I was filming the drama and the movie, so it hasn’t improved so much. But now I have new company (mates)-IMX, so I want to study harder. 

Q: Your co-stars in YAB ( Jang Keunsuk, Lee Hongki and Jung Yonghwa) have already broken through as stars. What is your game plan to appeal in
Japan? Like debuting as a singer? 
PSH: I want to dance. Everyone’s images of me are lovely and pure, but I want to show powerful parts of me. I like dancing, so I want to try many kinds of dance. I would like to do activities as a singer, if I have a chance. Though, I need so many practices and preparations for that. 

Q: Would you tell us your impression of Japan
PSH: It’s very beautiful and warms my heart. I got the impression that it is neatly and beautifully built. Houses and buildings were also beautiful. And people were very kind to me, so that was impressive. 

Q: Are there any favorite places or food (in Japan)? 
PSH: I like “Ramen” (noodle). I like “Tonkotsu” (flavor of Ramen). My friend often goes to a Ramen shop in Hondae, Seoul, whose owner is Japanese. So I have been there too. And I like hot springs too. This winter, I want to go on hot spring trip. 

Q: Do you cook? Is there any food you cook well? 
PSH: I can cook. I can cook “Jigae(찌개)”. Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개), doenjang jjigae(된장 찌개), 닭볶음탕- It’s like Jjigae soup with chicken and김치찜 (steamed Kimchi) are my repertories. 

Q: Do you cook Japanese food? 
PSH: I cook Japanese curry. I like eating, so I want to try Japanese Jjigae (pot) too. 

― There will be YAB reunion regularly 

In October, Shinhye tweeted about the YAB reunion with a photo. And it got big reactions. 

Q: Did you guys have a YAB reunion? 
PSH: There was a suggestion of meeting after the Chuseok (추석) ended, and someone said “ How about next Friday?”, then we met. That day (Oct.7) was the date when YAB first broadcasted 2 years ago (by chance). Since Jang Kuensuk ssi was at the Pusan international film festival on that day, he was missing. But I met with the director, Jung Yonghwa ssi and Lee Hongki ssi in Seoul. We took a picture of us, and I put it on twitter. Many of fans were happy. 

Q: Do you guys sometimes meet each other? Do you want to have reunions in future too? 
PSH: We meet individually and separately, but didn’t have opportunities to gather often. We spend time as good friends, so we may meet sometimes not only memorial days. 

Q: What opened you up to be an actress? 
PSH: I wanted to be a singer a long time ago. But there was a lack of expression, so I started to study acting at the same time. Then my acting teacher advised me to be an actress not a singer, and to debut. 

Q: Do you like singing? 
PSH: I like singing, but not as good as a real singer. 

The theory of acting― learning from “the teacher” 

Long-lasting figure 

Q: Is there any ideal actress? 
PSH: There is an actress whom we call “teacher”, Ko Doo-sim (고두심). She is called “mother” by every viewer and every audience, has an impression of a heartwarming personality and has best acting skills in Korea. She has changeless warmth and always shows us cool figure. I have an opportunity to work with her once (in the drama "Kimchi Radish Cubes). I want to be an actress who can work for a long time like her. 

Q: Do you have any favorite Japanese actors or actresses? 
PSH: So many. I like Yu Aoi (蒼井優), Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣), Juri Ueno (上野樹里) and Yu Yamada(山田優). I watch many Japanese movies and dramas. I had no chance to watch these days, but watched many last year. 

Q: What kind of roles do you want to try? 
PSH: I like police dramas and political dramas. So, I want to try a police role too.

Q: Could you tell us your plans in the near future?
PSH: I'm going to university, so I may restart my activities in the beginning of next year. I'm looking at scripts of dramas and movies. I'm considering a lot what suits to my age and can show my new faces. So now I have a kind of a hard time deciding what to choose. 

Q: Would you tell us your ambition for activities in Japan?
PSH: I think through the drama YAB, many people have images (of her) such as cute and beloved. From now on, I want to be a role model for all women. Sometimes like a close friend and sometimes like a daughter for them. I want to be in Japanese dramas and movies. 

Q: Please give messages to fans in Japan
PSH: I am sorry that I was late to come. I should have come here earlier. I will come to Japan a lot to see you. I will work hard to be loved more, so please support me. 

As the interviewer told Shinhye stepping into a new world "I will come to interview again", she said "Thank you" in Japanese with shiny eyes. 

The time is coming soon when we see her various activities.

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