Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[ENG] Park Shin Hye's Interview in "週刊女性"(Weekly Woman)

Park Shinhye (age 21) The heroine loved by three guys in the Hallyu drama “You Are Beautiful” 

In the mega-hit Korean drama “YAB”, Shinhye acted the heroine who pretends as a boy and joins a band, A.N.Jell in the place of her twin brother. Other band members Jang KeunSuk, Lee HongKi and Jung Yonghwa had already started their activities and gaining shrill voice (popularities) in Japan. And now, finally Shinhye chan’s official Japanese HP has opened! 

“I’m very touched. I’ll work hard to make good use of my opportunities for talking (communicating) with my fans.” She talked delightfully with shiny eyes. 

As meeting Shinhye who looks me straight in the eye when she speaks, I fully understood why Keun chan’s mom wants her to be daughter-in-law. 

“Not like a daughter-in-law, but like as a daughter, she told me I was cute. I’m pretty popular among mothers’ generation! My mother also tells me “You’re cute” everyday. Lol.” 

“When I get married someday, my dream (ideal) is having a family with many kids that lives in peace playing in nature." 

I asked her what was her dream as an actress. “I want to be an actress who can carry messages to many people. I want to be a person who stays by everyone for a long time through, not shines only for a moment.” 

Shinhye chan wants to be in Japanese dramas too and often watches Japanese dramas also for the purpose of studying. Is there any Japanese costar whom you want to play with? “Mukai Osamu san is in season (popular) now isn’t he? And Miura Haruma san and Eita san. Eita san is very popular in Korea too! Because he was in “Nodame Cantabile”. Haaaaa it’s so nice if I can co-act someday.” 

Disclosure of “Ikemen” (You're Beautiful) !? 

[Who is the best among Keun chan, Hongki and Yonghwa?] 
They’re all very attractive as friends. Keunsuk ssi is masculine (manful) and takes leaderships. But whenever he slips or staggers when he shows off, he attributes them to me! Lol Hongki kun has cheery part same as Jeremy, but when he’s serious, he shows unexpected adult-featured faces. Yonghwa ssi is very gentle, jokes a lot, he’s a naughty pickle. 

[A.N.Jell held 2nd anniversary party!?] 
That day the director, a party organizer, Hongki kun and Yonghwa ssi (and Shinhye) gathered was the date when “You Are Beautiful” was broadcasted for the first time (2 years ago). Since Keunsuk ssi was at the Busan international film festival, I kiddingly tweeted “That was so much fun only four of us!”, then he said “ why was I left out…” Lol 

Translated and photo by ozbussi