Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye is struggling to balance her academics and her busy schedule

On November 28th, actress Park Shin Hye confessed that she’s facing difficulties juggling both her academics and her life as an actress.
Park Shin Hye tweeted, “Ever since I became a college student, this semester has really been the worst.”
The actress continued, “I should’ve just taken [academic] leave and travelled. My tuition fee has gone to such waste. I said to myself that even if it was hard, I’d keep it in and do whatever I could to keep going, but I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to do anything right now. Rest… The only thing I need right now is rest.”
Park Shin Hye is currently a student at Joong Ang University as a Theater and Film major. In these recent weeks, Park Shin Hye has been traveling back and forth to fulfill both her overseas promotions and attend classes.
What seemed like a bright smile from the outside was in fact a facade to cover her true struggles within.
Concerned netizens replied with supportive messages like, “Be strong, Shin Hye”, “It’s not like you’ve been neglecting your studies because you’ve been out partying, so don’t be so disappointed,” and “The fact that she’s sacrificing so much for her career right now proves she’s a true actress”.
Source: TV Report via Naver
Credit: allkpop


  1. we can't help,but pray all the best for you shin hye.fighting^^

  2. Its really difficult to juggle work and study. I am not her, but I found it extremely difficult to work and study on my masters. Very difficult, to the point of giving-up.

    Shin Hye, I hope your school has extra-mural subjects where you don't need to sit-in in all subjects but you're given unending assignments electronically. this is also difficult, but it will give you flexibility of time.

    Poor girl, you've become too popular and in demand compared to the previous years. The reason why its more difficult this year.

    But, finish your studies. the showbiz luster will eventually dim. Finishing a degree is important when the applause stops.

    Keep on going. You can do it.

  3. Poor Shinhye, I feel what you are going through..its really very difficult to balance school and career especially that right now, it entails travelling..Isn't there a system in your school wherein you could submit your assignments online, this way you will still ve able to study while on the go?..I pray that you'll find a way to meet both school and career which won't affect your health..Take care and May God bless you more!

  4. Is she in her third or 4th year bachelor's degree studies? If so, majors are more difficult and demanding.

    I read another translation yesterday at psh_spore's twitter and the meaning seems to be slightly different from allkpop.

  5. Awwww, big HUG shin hye. You are doing all your best. Don't give up. The semester is almost at its end. Hang in there and fighting!!! At times, when it's hard, just know that we're all here, your family and friends are all there for you. Thank you for your hard work.

  6. Shin hye, that's a very normal feeling especially when December kicks in - becoming lazy to study or do routine stuff but excited to do all Christmas activities...

    You're not alone in your dilemna. But keep on going...your dedication will eventually pay off - studies and others too.

  7. Shin Hye - I hate attending classes too. the only excitement for me are meeting my friends and laughing with them... doing assignments is ok, but preparing for an exam is extremely stressful since I'm just a normal student who gets below average scores most of the time. I think you feel the same way too ... scared of a "failing grade"...well...huhuhu...lets form a sisterhood...

    Do you have retention policy in your uni? we have. If I don't meet the required passing grade I'm out of my school - see scared too to start another degree and another school too...

    I can't travel overseas like you want to do because its a luxury for my family. Utmost we can afford is a Hongkong 3-day tour at super super sale...

    From: Your lovely fan who's scared of not graduating on time.

  8. park shin hye...fighting!!! do your best...everything gonna be alright ^_^

  9. fighting shin hye...i know so difficult to balance ur acedemic and ur buzy working..but i also knows u can do it because i beliave that u're strong girl...i hope u will success for ur acedemic and ur career...specially for ur life...

  10. It's going to be tough juggling with school and a career. Education will always be there but acting opportunities might not.

  11. No worries PSH...it is just normal problem that every student faces especially university's student~~But don give up and have some rest also some times if needed,cuz that is important. U'll just need some rest and make a right decision...u have a lot of fans to support u and always cheer u up!!! BTW hope u will be fine again and achieve success in the future both for ur career and studies!!!! :)

  12. go go PSH, you can do it too! at times, i also feel like university is really tough, but you will pull through this difficult season with God!

    Philipians 4:13
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  13. I've always thought she seemed sad these few last months
    Now I know why . Be strong shin hye we will always be there for you
    How about sending her a cheering presents if you want to do it I want to participate please

  14. so cute,,,,
    i hope you come to Indonesia Park Shin Hye,,,Please.
    i really like all of your movies, made everything so different.