Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[NEWS] 'You're Beautiful" to be transformed into a musical in 2012

In 2012, top-selling Hallyu drama 'You're Beautiful'(2009) will be reborn as a musical.

Today, musical production company Seensee has announced its plans to introduce 'You're Beautiful' into the Broadway scene with musical lineup performances.

The musical is scheduled to open 31 July to 11 September 2012 in Seoul Sejong Center Theater. Everything is now under preparations. The new drama musical will be based on the original story of 'You're Beautiful'

'You're Beautiful' is a hit drama series starring Park Shin Hye, Lee Hongki, Jung yonghwa and Jang Keun Suk. The drama has gained worldwide popularity and is ranked the #1 Korean drama of all time in various international polls. Japanese entertainment company FujiTV also remaked the drama last year.

Source: TV Daily


  1. wooow,.can't wait.i hope next yab 2^^

  2. it has become popular... and it proves the actors and the actresses were really good.

    it's not a matter of the previous ratings...yab has proven its worth... season 2 please!

  3. This is great..
    I like them so much..
    Hope at the drama musical, the cast are JKS, PSH, LHK, JYH, and the others..

    Season 2 please!!!

  4. wow! I want again the cast of YAB..(PSH & JGS, LHK!) :) Season waiting. ^^

  5. i just watched YAB recently and omg i love it so much i barely watch tv programs,much more korean dramas but i was blown away with this series i thought it would be lame and childish but not just i enjoyed every second of watching it but ive been replaying it like 10000x and i thought id get bored by replaying it 1000x but noooooooooo i dont even skip episodes cos its all worth watching and i just adore Go Minam!!! i think ive become obsessed with it hahaha..i watched tree of heaven gosh PSH is such a great actress i cried buckets!!!im scared to watch Goong S cos i read somewhere that her role is kinda mean and i just dont want to ruin the idea of Go Minam in my mind :P

  6. YAB Season 2 Please! Love the actors and the actresses in this drama! =)

  7. wow.....
    park shin hye.....
    hmp go go go
    mua lips love you never fade
    ....your amazing... beautiful....
    actress keep safe ....♥

  8. WOW~!!! I can't wait! >.< pls! pls! plS! <3
    I hope they will Star again:
    Park SHin Hye
    Jang Guen Suk
    Lee Hong Ki
    Jung Hyong Wa

    1. Season 2, yessssssssss!! so Go mi nam has an accident during the fly to Africa as a result she doesnt remember nothing about her past........... please continue the season 2

  9. in season 2, i want to see you with yong jung hwa not with Jang Keun Suk plzzz....i really feel bad for poor shin woo :( plz be with him this tym :( :)

  10. Thas was great drama, i would like that exist season 2, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Of course season 2, .... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you can do it !!!!!