Friday, December 23, 2011

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Tweets Christmas Gifts from Fans

Earlier last week, Shin Hye tweeted about her Christmas presents from her fans but said she will take a photo later since her room was messy at the time. Well she did just that-tweeted a photo of some of the presents her fans sent her.

She tweeted this message with the photo:

감사합니다...!!!! 아휴.. 이제서야 올리네요.. 죄송해요 ㅠㅡㅠ .. 여러분.. 너무 감사합니다...^^ 이번 겨울.. 날씨가 정말 추운데.. 전 여러분들 사랑덕분에 따듯하네요^^ 감사합니다!!!

Thank you...!!!! Ah hu.. Such a late tweeted thanks.. Sorry ㅠㅡㅠ .. Thank you very much everyone..^^ This year's really cold.. But i feel warm because of everyone's love^^ Thank you!!!

Among the many presents in the photo were presents sent from us to Shin Hye for Christmas.
Aside from the presents found in the picture (from PSHIFC: Hello Kitty charger and Lensbaby COMPOSER lens with Tilt Transformer), we also got her some EMU boots, "stars" pjs, doggy bed for Bongji and Nori, and Nike cap along with some PSHIFC magnets, pins, and stickers.

As always, PSHIFC welcomes member gifts. Here are some gifts that were sent to us for Shin Hye. Thank you everyone for sending in these wonderful gifts and cards! Some of the gifts include: a handmade bracelet and card from Ukraine; room shoes, hand mirror, scarf, Santa ornament, snowflake ornament, and a decorative pen with a rose at the top from Thailand; a card from Russia; a card from Indonesia; a card from Japan; a polka dot box and pumpkin from Mexico; and a pen, inspiration quotes calendar book, and a Precious Moments locket from Singapore.

And of course we could have never done this or made this possible without the help of our wonderful members. We would like to thank everyone for their continual support of PSHIFC and Shin Hye. Everyone who donated will be receiving a pin and sticker sheet from PSHIFC. Thank you so much!!

Again the winners for this fundraiser were catscradle_vo from Japan and janephsg from Singapore! Congrats again and thank you.

From the donation we've received, we spent $459.69 for Christmas gifts. This amount was used to buy the Lensbaby Composer lens, EMU boots, pjs, and Hello Kitty charger. Any amount/gifts beside the ones listed were donated/bought by PSHIFC.

As we've mentioned in our proposal, the rest of the donation will go toward our charity event: Save the Children Foundation.

Thank you so much for everyone's support! We look forward to your support on our BIRTHDAY PROJECT for Shin Hye's 23rd birthday! Again, thank you so much!!!

Birthday Project 2012: