Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[NEWS] Lee Seung Gi · Park Shin Hye, Spotted on a Date? It turns out...

Actors Park Shin Hye and Joo Sang Wook are starring in Lee Seung Gi’s Japan debut song’s music video.

Lee Seung Gi will be releasing the Japanese version of ‘Time for Love’ and ‘Aren’t We Friends’ from his 5th album for his Japan debut in February. Ahead of the album release, the music video was filmed in the Seoul area from January 15 to the early morning of January 17.

The plot revolves around Park Shin Hye, Joo Sang Wook, and Lee Seung Gi’s love triangle. The filming took place at the Seoul Marronnier Park in Daehakro on the 15th, Lotte World theme park in Jamsil and Sound Holic in Hongdae, Kyung Kee University and etc. on the 16th. Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye riding a merry-go-round, gazing at each other on a cold street, and etc. created a fresh loving feeling.

Looking at the pictures taken by spectators at the filming set, they sported a couple look dressed in khaki. Lee Seung Gi carried a guitar on his shoulder. Someone involved in the filming said, “This is the best drama-style music video you’ll see in a long time. Starring Park Shin Hye and Joo Sang Wook who are well known in Japan will give a boost to the Japan debut. The peculiar atmosphere of the three people has heated up the cold filming set.”

This video will be revealed in Japan in early February.

Source: isplus via nate 
English translation/summary: tryp96