Thursday, January 12, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye becomes the new face of MBC Music

Park Shin Hye has become the promoter of MBC's new music channel - MBC Music.

Park Shin Hye is chosen as she is an avid fan of music who always shares and recommends good songs to friends and fans through SNS(Social Networking Service). According to her agency, “Park Shin Hye has recently completed the shooting of a commercial as a main model for MBC Music, a newly launched MBC’s cable channel.”

The main concept of the CF is for a beautiful woman to set out on a one-person music trip to commune with music. The shooting was taken at a reed beds on the outskirts of Seoul, a cafe, a train station and at the East Sea of Korea.

In the CF, Park Shin Hye shows her charms while enjoying music. As soon as the CF was launched, it attracted much attention among local and international fans, who compliment the beautiful actress's performance, especially the scene in which Park Shin Hye plays the guitar in a cafe. The entire CF gives viewers a harmonious and soothing feeling.

Park Shin Hye expresses her feelings on being selected as a model by saying: "Music is an essential part of my inspiration. To me, music has a special existence. During the shooting, I enjoyed myself so much that I did not feel like I was filming a CF. Instead, I felt like I was really on a music trip."

"It was very surreal. I had a lot of fun filming and I hope that viewers can learn more about different types of music through MBC Music."

Park was recommended to be a model for the new cable channel by MBC Music’s head and director Nam Tae Jung. Nam says, “As an actor equipped with both trendy and classic images, I believe that Park is the most suitable choice to become the face for MBC Music. Her refreshing, lively spirit and energy will be sure to make viewers feel comfortable and restful. Such her images will definitely appeal to men and women of all ages.”

MBC Music will officially launch on February 1 2012. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is preparing for her 1st solo fanmeeting diligently. The FM will be held in Tokyo, Japan in February and Park will perform singing to her fans.

Watch the CF:

Source: MBC, TV Report