Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye, the "bright baby skin' endorser of Dr. G

Actress Park Shin Hye proves herself as a beauty of flawless skin for she became an exclusive model for cosmetics.

Park Shin Hye, who has been famous for her soft, baby-like skin, is recently selected as an exclusive model for a cosmetical (a compound of “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”) brand, Gowoonsesang Cosmetics. The actress is known as the leading beauty in the world of entertainers for her innocent images. Also, she is dearly loved by many fans with her clean skin and beautiful looks without make-up.

Her agency, 4HIM Entertainment, says, “We have signed the contract with the brand Gowoonsesang Cosmetics for Parks’ innocent images go well with the cosmetics company that puts skin caring in top priority.”

The pictorial shooting was held at a studio in Nonhyun-dong, and Park showed off her healthy skin. With the lightest make-up on, her skin looked glamorous.

Park Shin Hye entered into a contract with Japan’s IMX (Interactive Media Mix) and is soon to debut in Japan through her upcoming Fanmeeting in Tokyo. Also, she is grown into an Asian star after receiving the Popular Asian Star Award at 2011 LETV Movie and Drama Awards in China.

Source: TV Report,